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Robocom launches voice solution for warehouse management

Robocom Systems has released the newest version of R-Voice, which is now powered by the AccuSpeechMobile Intelligent Voice+ Automation Solution. 

The software enables warehouse management systems voice productivity.

Robocom and AccuSpeechMobile have completed an OEM agreement that enables the embedding of the mobile-intelligent AccuSpeechMobile solution into Robcom’s warehouse management system, providing its customers the most cost-effective voice solution on the market. 

Fred Radcliffe, president of Robocom Systems, says: “This new approach to voice productivity is a much more powerful system than anything else on the market.

“We have successfully integrated AccuSpeechMobile into our WMS without the need for added servers, application layers or extensive customization. That means Robocom can deliver voice-enabled functions to warehouse workers at a fraction of the cost and in a much shorter time than conventional voice applications.”

Bob Bova, president and CEO of AccuSpeechMobile, says: “The AccuSpeechMobile Voice+ Automation Solution provides Robocom customers with all the WMS voice productivity they want, plus application automation, without changing applications, protecting and optimizing existing customer DC investments.

“Our intelligent mobile approach exploits the power of customer’s mobile devices powering and optimizing backend mobile applications solely from the mobile device, leaving existing applications untouched.”

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