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Elsevier publishes new academic books about robotics

library books

Elsevier, which is known for publishing weighty academic tomes, has released two new books on the subject of robotics. Both books are available in digital formats as well as print. 

elsevier safe robot navigation book

Safe Robot Navigation Among Moving and Steady Obstacles
by Andrey Savkin, Alexey Matveev, Michael Hoy and Chao Wang

This is the first book to focus on reactive navigation algorithms in unknown dynamic environments with moving and steady obstacles. It bridges the gap between mathematical model and practical algorithms, presenting implementable and computationally efficient algorithms of robot navigation.

The book includes mathematically rigorous proofs of their convergence, as well as a detailed review of existing reactive navigation algorithms for obstacle avoidance.

The book also describes fundamentals of sliding mode control. It is written for postgraduate students, researchers and practitioners working in the areas of robotics, control engineering, communications, navigation, modern control, computer science and applied mathematics who have an interest in the field of robot navigation.

elsevier mobile robotics

Mobile Robotics
by Luc Jaulin

This book presents the different tools and methods that enable the design of mobile robots, a discipline booming with the emergence of flying drones, underwater robots mine detectors, sailboats robots and robot vacuum cleaners. Illustrated with simulations, exercises and examples, the book describes the fundamentals of modelling robots, developing the actuator concepts, sensor, control and guidance.

Three-dimensional simulation tools are also explored, as well as the theoretical basis for reliable localization of robots within their environment. The book is a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners working on robotics, electronic and electrical engineering, computer science and control engineering.

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