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nachi thailand plant

Nachi to open giant facility in Thailand

nachi thailand plant
How the Nachi-Fujikoshi plant in Thailand will look when it’s finished

Nachi is building a manufacturing subsidiary in Thailand to capitalise on the growing Asean market. 

The company is one of the largest industrial robot manufacturers in the world, and is looking in particular towards the automotive sector for further growth opportunities.

Nachi says the Thailand plant will be “making forged and turned parts inside Asean market member states, where medium and long term expansion of automotive production is expected”.

Nachi-Fujikoshi is now promoting a “regional production for regional supply” in foreign market areas. 

In addition to the population increase, ASEAN member states are now experiencing rising automotive sales. With such medium and long term economic growth as a background, markets in Thailand, Indonesia and other peripheral nations such as Vietnam and Philippines are now likely to see increased automobile sales.

Among ASEAN member states, Thailand has the highest concentration of automotive industry marketing. The country is estimated to have the world’s 12th largest production capacity and its heightened role as a major exporting port, development of a region-specific strategy is critical, says Nachi.

“Cultivation of the growing market is our policy for our medium term management plan,” says Nachi-Fujikoshi in a statement. “We are promoting the regional production for regional supply aspect through local production, focusing on developing markets including Asean countries where future, medium and long term growth is expected.

“By starting with the supply of forged and turned parts to production bases of bearings in Thailand and China, we will in future further expand our business by setting our sights on exporting to overseas bearings markets including the Americas.”

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