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Alex Jones channel claims robots want to ‘destroy humans’

alex jones
Talk show host Alex Jones has been railing against what he sees as anti-human robots and artificial intelligence used by technocratic elites in a scientific takeover of the world

Outspoken American talk show host Alex Jones has been on a verbal rampage against what he calls “anti-human robots” in the hands of the “technocracy” – a mysterious cabal secretly controlling society. 

In his latest tirade against what he has dubbed a “breakaway civilisation” of elite groups bent on enslaving the rest of humanity, the influential commentator says the present political and economic situation on Earth is equivalent to an “alien invasion”.

His television/radio channel,, has been consistently broadcasting reports for more than a year about the  “robot takeover”, with Jones condemning what he says is a “metric, scientific, mathematic algorithm of tyranny” that humanity faces today. 

Jones has been exploding into rants against this or that for more 20 years, often coining phrases and framing arguments that wider media and society subsequently adopts months or years later. In some of his early video journalism work, about 20 years ago, Jones reported that US national parks were being taken over by the UN or the “Chi-Com” or “the Globalist”, or an infernal mix of all of them.

This particular rant against the robots is estimated to have started 18 years ago, and shows no sign of stopping because AI and robots are becoming far more ubiquitous in industry and wider society – and because his channel now has many more like-minded journalists working alongside him.

In one item a few days ago, Infowars quotes a robot supposedly saying it wants to “destroy humans”. And before they destroy us, they will take our jobs, adds Infowars, because of what one reporter calls “a sick fascination with artificial intelligence”.

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