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Nvidia opens new office in former Bell Labs building to expand autonomous driving business

Chipmaker Nvidia is opening a new office in New Jersey as its autonomous driving business continues to rev up. “We’re making room for a larger crew,” says the company.

Nvidia staff at the new office will focus on developing software for self-driving cars on its artificial intelligence Drive PX platform.

AI and deep learning are playing a critical role in advances in driver assistance and ultimately autonomous vehicles.

Nvidia’s new office space is in the former Bell Labs building, in Holmdel, New Jersey, where deep learning pioneer Yann LeCun invented convolutional networks back in the late 1980s. These networks are instrumental to deep learning in general, and to the work of our team in particular.

nvidia drive px

The Nvidia Drive PX platform combines deep learning, sensor fusion and surround vision to enable autonomous driving.

The platform is currently being used by over 70 automakers, tier 1 suppliers, research institutions and startup companies that are all working to solve the challenges of self-driving.

The new space provides access to a private test track, offers plenty of room to grow, plus the ability to test cars in difficult weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog and snow.

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