Xerox launches new 3D printer featuring a nozzle ‘half the width of a human hair’


New Xerox 3D printers sport a nozzle which is almost too tiny to see with human eyes

Xerox says it has developed innovative architecture featuring tiny, stainless steel nozzles inside its new Direct to Object Inkjet Printer.

The company says this means it has created a new, label-less, on-demand method of personalising three-dimensional objects.

The nozzles are contained in print heads – about the size of a deck of cards – that accurately spray ink on objects as small as bottle caps and as large as football helmets. The printer can print on plastic, metals, ceramics and glass, eliminating the need for costly labels.  Continue reading Xerox launches new 3D printer featuring a nozzle ‘half the width of a human hair’

Call centre jobs threatened by smart devices and machine learning, says Xerox

call centres
Call centres are under pressure from smart devices and machine learning

Customer care – from the traditional call center to webchat to social media options – is being transformed almost daily by machine learning and smarter technology, according to a survey of 6,000 consumers by Xerox. 

In its report, The State of Customer Service, Xerox concludes that customer care is getting more personal but the leading trends emerging in 2016 indicate that smart machines may be key in driving the pursuit of individualized service.

“It’s clear that the relationships between consumers and brands will change radically over the next five years,” said Tim Joyce, chief innovation officer, Xerox Customer Care. “Customers expect a high quality of service and technology is maturing to the point where brands can efficiently meet those needs.”

‘Less than 10 per cent of business processes will rely on paper by 2018’, say bosses


Around 90 per cent of all business processes will be paperless within the next two years, according to a new survey. And the irony is that Xerox, a name synonymous with photocopying on paper, aims to boss the digital market. 

Xerox has introduced workflow automation services as part of its managed print services offering to “lead the way to greater productivity and digital transformation”. The company is also developing robotic process automation tools throughout its portfolio to support its full line of business – including customer care centers, finance and accounting processes and the healthcare sector.

Data is the lifeblood of business today, and it’s not easy digging through it to uncover insightful, actionable intelligence. That’s one takeaway from the survey of 600 IT decision-makers in large US, Canadian and Western European organizations. The Digitization at Work report from Xerox shows the move from paper to digital processes is nearly upon us, however, many survey respondents admit they may not be ready for it.  Continue reading ‘Less than 10 per cent of business processes will rely on paper by 2018’, say bosses

Xerox launches robotic process automation reseller program

xerox automation solutions reseller

Xerox has launched a global reseller agreement with Top Image Systems that the companies say will give customers end-to-end robotic process automation solutions for industry-specific, content-driven procedures.

Content processing solutions from TIS will be integrated into Xerox’s workflow automation suite, which helps simplify end-to-end processes for a range of industries including financial services, healthcare and government.

The solutions will help Xerox customers in large enterprises improve their day-to-day effectiveness and streamline content-driven tasks, such as customer onboarding, manual data entry, claims administration and invoice processing.  Continue reading Xerox launches robotic process automation reseller program