TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

construct ros industrial

TheConstruct has launched several new courses for people who want to learn to use the Robot Operating System. 

The online simulation environment provider has two courses, in particular, which may interest readers of this website.

One of them is called ROS Autonomous Vehicles 101, and the other is ROS-Industrial 101. Both are available through the website, TheConstructSim.comContinue reading TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

Top 20 ‘Most Read’ stories on Robotics and Automation News in 2016

It’s been a wonderful year in the life of this humble website. Not only have we consistently produced the best newsletter in the known universe, probably, but our website has been receiving a lot of visitors and attention. 

Our stories have received incoming links from prestigious newspapers with more than a century of history behind them, as well as massively popular new websites with fantastic futures ahead of them.

We would like to mention them, but that might suggest that they endorse this indulgent self-aggrandisement on our part. We would accept this is something of a “thank you” to all the people who have contributed to this website and our readers, but it’s not often we talk about ourselves in positive ways – we’re actually always looking for ways to improve the website and our content across all our channels.  Continue reading Top 20 ‘Most Read’ stories on Robotics and Automation News in 2016

Goodyear sketches out our spherical wheels idea after we mention it on this website

we came up with the idea first
We came up with the idea first

Well, if you ever doubted this website’s ideas, you probably won’t any more, especially after we show you this.

Good ideas are hard to come by, and one gem of concept nonchalantly offered to readers of Robotics and Automation News was spherical wheels.

In an article about how German technologists are looking to develop wheels that operate independently, one of my colleagues suggested spherical wheels, like ball bearings, held to the car using magnets.

Maglev trains were not mentioned, but they don’t need to be, since it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say magnets in such a context. Think of those giant maglev train networks in China – that’s exactly what the writer was thinking at the time.

We haven‘t looked into it much, not even googled it, but we believe our website could be the first to ever mention spherical wheels in a serious technology context.

Exhibit A: The spherical wheel idea was ours 

Goodyear has just shown some designs for a spherical wheel, as reported on It only takes a few minutes to create images using computer software – on any application. It’s as easy as a gear shift manoeuvre.

But it takes a genuinely creative mind to achieve paradigm shifts, and come up with ideas that change the whole game. And we would obviously claim that maybe, just maybe, we came up with that idea first.

Or perhaps it was a coincidence. Who knows? Seriously. Who knows?