Verdigris launches Einstein intelligent building solution

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Verdigris, an artificial intelligence software company, has launched Einstein, an internet of things smart sensor and metering solution that reduces energy consumption and cost in buildings.

Einstein is Verdigris’ latest IoT energy management platform. It was designed to be the easiest most-scalable connected sensor for complex enterprise facilities. By analyzing Einstein’s continuous stream of energy data, Verdigris drives smarter and more responsive building operation, saving customers tens of thousands to millions of dollars annually on energy costs.

Verdigris CEO Mark Chung says: “Einstein makes it unbelievably easy to know what’s happening inside your building in real time, down to a single appliance.

“We put hard-earned money back into our customers’ pockets each month by predicting the most accurate forecasts of utility, weather and energy data, and automating the reduction of their most inefficient energy operations.” Continue reading Verdigris launches Einstein intelligent building solution