Six new trends in home automation

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon’s Echo Dot, the voice-controlled Alexa-enabled device, can connect to a wide range of your smart home gadgets

By Megan Wild, editor of

It’s an exciting time to be a homeowner, but it can also be overwhelming. It seems every week there is a new smart home product on the market that can automate various aspects of your life, and it can be tough to decide which direction to go.

Like all new technology, there is a certain amount of risk involved. You don’t want to jump on something too early, only for it to be outdated and forgotten about a year later.

On the flip side, there is also that natural feeling of wanting to keep up with the trends in order to maximize your home value — not to mention take advantage of all of the cool features many of these devices have.

Here are six trends in smart home automation that are relatively safe bets for the foreseeable future.  Continue reading Six new trends in home automation

Industry super trends: The best of industrial automation is yet to come

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Leroy Spence, sales and business manager at industrial spare supplier EU Automation, discusses the industry super trends that will change the face of manufacturing in 2017

The third Monday in January, also known as Blue Monday, is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Despite emerging from marketing and pseudo-science, the idea holds a nugget of wisdom, considering the weather conditions, debt level, time passed since the winter holidays and time until the next holiday.

If you are struggling to get over the post-holiday blues, don’t despair. Sit back, relax and read all about some of the industrial technologies you can look forward to this year.  Continue reading Industry super trends: The best of industrial automation is yet to come

Predictions for the future of manufacturing

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Martyn Williams, managing director of industrial software expert Copa-Data UK, examines three of the most prominent automation trends of 2017 and discusses how these trends are changing manufacturing operations

As manufacturing facilities incorporate greater levels of automation, the demand for new technologies continues to grow.

Recent years have seen several trends create a shift in the way the industry operates.  Continue reading Predictions for the future of manufacturing