iRed launches new drone aerial inspection system


Thermographic imaging specialist iRed has launched new aerial inspection services.

The company says it has been testing and developing the system for years and it’s capable of providing entirely new points of view.

“Since early 2012, we’ve been testing and developing aerial technologies in order to produce a comprehensive and efficient inspection solution that not only complements our existing remote sensing capabilities but would also allow us to perform surveys from new perspectives,” says the company in a statement.  Continue reading iRed launches new drone aerial inspection system

Yamaha launches new autonomous boat

Yamaha Breeze autonomous boat
The Yamaha Breeze, an autonomous unmanned compact electric survey craft

Company says the Breeze 10 unmanned boat is an electric craft for dam lake bed sediment surveying

Yamaha has developed the Breeze 10 autonomous unmanned compact electric survey craft.

The company designed the new product to support sounding work such as measuring the sediment levels of dams, and will commence business rentals principally aimed at commercial surveyors in August 2016.

Breeze 10 is an electric FRP craft approximately three meters in length, developed to enable easy mounting of measurement equipment such as narrow multibeam sonar, which is increasingly popular in measurement work, including domestic dam silt level measurement.  Continue reading Yamaha launches new autonomous boat