Konica Minolta steps up its activities in robotics

Konica Minolta, the Japanese tech giant best known for office equipment, looks to be increasing its activities in the robotics sector. 

Konica claims to be one of the first companies to commercialise automated solutions for business, and also says it’s been making “ground-breaking strides” within robotics through proprietary technology.

But it doesn’t seem to have launched a robot of its own. Rather, what it has done is partnered with a range of companies which are developing robotics solutions for a wide variety of settings.  Continue reading Konica Minolta steps up its activities in robotics

Robotic concierge: Exclusive interview with Savioke boss

Just ahead of appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show, Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke gives Robotics and Automation News an exclusive interview

Some months ago, just after we started this website, we published a story about a new robotic concierge for hotels, launched by Savioke.

The company calls the robot “Relay”, although its buyers often give it nicknames – Dash, Botlr, and Wally are just some examples. 

Relay is not really a concierge – we just like that word… concierge… makes our website sound sophisticated. But anyway, the robot is smart enough to navigate its way within complex hotel interiors, with all their zig-zagging corridors and winding hallways, as well as their lifts with the slight gaps and uneven surfaces at the entrances.

These navigational challenges would of course not be a problem for most humans – we wouldn’t even think about them. Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to get around in hotels or in any other buildings quite easily – all the manoeuvring involved doesn’t present any difficulty, no matter how complex it may be.  Continue reading Robotic concierge: Exclusive interview with Savioke boss