Renesas working on new products for self-driving cars

renesas soc v3m

Renesas, one of the leading suppliers of electronics to the automotive sector, says it is developing a new range of products which it plans to launch towards the end of this year, according to a report in Automotive News

The company plans to market the new range of products under the label of “Renesas Autonomy”, and it will include such things as an image-recognition system which works with automotive cameras, around-view monitors and lidar systems.

The market for automotive electronics has been accelerating at a fast rate and is seeing consolidation in the chipmaking business, with Qualcomm having bought NXP, which previously bought Freescale.  Continue reading Renesas working on new products for self-driving cars

Renesas launches new microcontrollers for automotive applications


Renesas has launched six new microcontrollers targeted toward expanded adoption in high-current load switch applications such as motor and heater control circuits. 

The new intelligent power devices (IPDs) are particularly designed for automotive motor and heater control applications. The devices provide an “extremely reliable, high-performance solution compared with mechanical relays that switch the current flow on and off in electronic control units (ECUs)”, says Renesas.

An IPD is a power IC device that integrates in a single package control circuits that implement protection functions and self-diagnostic functions, in addition to power MosFet (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) switching element(s). The IPDs are compact, lightweight, power efficient, and not subject to the contact wear and tear that affects mechanical relays, enabling highly reliable systems with self-protection functions, says Renesas.

Previously, most ECUs used relays as the switching elements in their drive circuits, with the average automobile using around 100 relays. The transition from mechanical relays to semiconductor switching began in applications like lighting control, and the trend is expanding to other automotive systems, such as motor and heater control, driving demand for highly reliable and high-performance semiconductor switching devices.  Continue reading Renesas launches new microcontrollers for automotive applications