Denso unveils collaborative robot prototype it calls ‘Cobotta’

Denso, one of the world’s largest robotics and automation companies, has unveiled a video of the new collaborative robot it calls “Cobotta”.

The tiny six-axis prototype will be officially released towards the end of 2017 but the company has released a short video showing how it operates.

Denso, which is owned by Toyota, says Cobotta is ideal for research, testing, and learning purposes at universities, scientific institutes, laboratories, and more.  Continue reading Denso unveils collaborative robot prototype it calls ‘Cobotta’

Boeing completes prototype parts for 777X wing at new billion-dollar advanced manufacturing facility

boeing 777x

Boeing says it has completed prototype parts for the wing of its new 777X Dreamliner aircraft

The company is using advanced manufacturing methods, including additive or 3D printing, in the construction of the passenger plane at its new $1 billion Everett, Washington facility.

When completed, the wing for the 777X will be the largest wing Boeing has ever built.  Continue reading Boeing completes prototype parts for 777X wing at new billion-dollar advanced manufacturing facility

Fanuc showcases new collaborative robot at Automatica

fanuc cr 7ia

Fanuc, the robot manufacturer with the largest number of robots installed around the world, is showcasing is new collaborative robot at the Automatica event. 

The Fanuc CR-7iA was announced as a prototype some months ago, and this is one of the few times it has been shown to the public.

Fanuc says mechanics correspond to that of the company’s LR Mate-series (LR Mate 200iD), and it has a payload of 7 kg. Moreover, as in the case of the company’s first collaborative robot model – the CR-35iA, a mass-produced model serves as CR-7iA’s base.

DHL launches robotics challenge to build self-driving delivery cart

DHL sidewalk delivery robot
DHL sidewalk delivery robot

Logistics giant DHL has launched a robotics challenge in which it is “calling all inventors and visionaries” to develop a prototype of a self-driving delivery cart. 

It’s not the first time DHL has organised a robotics challenge, but this one comes soon after the company announced that it is completely reorganising its entire global supply chain around robotics and autonomous systems.

The company has been increasing the number of robots it uses globally. In its DHL Singapore hub, which it opened in April, the company says it started by using 130 robotic shuttles.

DHL has also more than doubled the capacity of its Japan distribution capacity by opening a new facility which uses the latest highly automated systems.

The first prize for the DHL robotics challenge is €10,000.