Keeping costs down: The lion’s share of IoT communication

IoT compatbility for legacy systems

Adrian Swindells, director of industrial computing specialist Distec, explores how businesses can keep the cost of IoT implementation to a minimum

One of the biggest bugbears of plant managers is the cost of upgrading or replacing devices and equipment.

While this has traditionally only occurred due to a breakage, the rise of the internet of things has driven a need for cross-compatible equipment – in most cases calling for the costly replacement of legacy systems to ensure communication.

Whether you think of it as industry 4.0 or the IoT, the concept of machine to machine internetworking is undeniably the most talked about technological development of recent times.

In fact, forecasts have predicted the market for the IoT to be worth $14.4 trillion by 2022Continue reading Keeping costs down: The lion’s share of IoT communication

Connected world: The death of proprietary networks

smart kettle

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of EU Automation, takes a look at one of the casualties of fluid communication in the factory – that is, the death of proprietary networks and communication protocols in favour of the uninhibited free flow of data 

Like it or not, we live in modern world of fluidity and interconnectedness in which the once ordinary now transcends all previous boundaries.

Take the humble kettle for instance. It’s a sign of the times that you can now purchase a kettle you can control from your phone via the internet. It will even send you notifications when it needs filling or if it’s at optimum temperature. Because it was hard to tell before.

Joking aside, one place where interconnectivity really is making a difference is on the factory floor.  Continue reading Connected world: The death of proprietary networks