TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

construct ros industrial

TheConstruct has launched several new courses for people who want to learn to use the Robot Operating System. 

The online simulation environment provider has two courses, in particular, which may interest readers of this website.

One of them is called ROS Autonomous Vehicles 101, and the other is ROS-Industrial 101. Both are available through the website, TheConstructSim.comContinue reading TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

What type of users require VPN services?

Everyone who wishes to protect own identity, location and personal data should carefully think about addressing reliable VPN provider and make everything possible to ensure online safety at home and in the office.

Safe online environment is a must for users who fit the following categories:

  • often make online payments. Online payments services have a lot of sensible data and may have a leakage due to poorly protected networks. Travellers use such services on daily basis and rely on e-wallets greatly, therefore, may be left without access to their money in a foreign country due to hacker’s activity;
  • visitors of public places who love to use free Wi-Fi. Hackers enjoy attending such places as well – here there are a lot of easy targets – students, travellers. Most of them are using smartphone and providing thieves with credit cards numbers, passwords, access to private chats and correspondence. Any smartphone will automatically connect to public network and allows snoopers to monitor users’ online activity. It is hard to avoid such places with free Wi-Fi – business centres, airports, hotels, restaurants all have available Internet access;
  • cloud users also risking to lose all data stored in there; and
  • torrents also can lead to IP address leakage, as well as infected with malware.

Apart from these obvious benefits, here are other advantages of using VPN protection:

  1. Afraid of missing favourite game or show while traveling? After choosing one of the best VPNs every client is allowed access to popular streaming content as Netflix, Spotify and many more. It is known that numerous countries block such websites as well as social networks. Moreover, online activity can be closely monitored;
  2. Using VPN apps it is much safer to use public Wi-Fi; and
  3. Another benefit for travellers, foreign students or anyone who has friends or relatives abroad – saving money on VOIP calls by changing the country of the call making it domestic.

best vpn 1

Main objective of every VPN service

VPN service is invaluable when working remotely as allows safe access to another network as well as when want to protect personal online environment.

The first thing this software hides is client’s IP address and this feature is crucial as every app we use and website we visit reads user’s IP and gets a lot of information such as approximate location, internet provider, used browser and operating system and many more.

In case user has unencrypted connection any information can be intercepted: personal correspondence, chats, shared files, banking details, corporate documentation and more.

In order to create safe working environment, VPN is tunnelling all clients’ activities and creates encrypted connection between any user’s device and the VPN server. Various types of security protocols are used to ensure highest level of protection and maintaining online privacy.

best vpn 2

Prices for these services are affordable and there is no need to postpone such important decision.


Universal Robots launches free online training in industrial robot programming

universal robots training
The UR Academy modules takes the student through basic tasks such as
programming the UR robot arm to place parts in a box arriving on a conveyor

“It’s unprecedented to make inter-active teaching material of this caliber free of charge – we’re basically the first in the industry to take this approach,” says Universal Robots spokesperson

Universal Robots has developed online training modules to enable users of its industrial robots learn more about their machines’ operations and applications.

The hands-on modules are offered free of charge, open to all, and built to deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations to maximize user engagement, says the company.

Learning how to set up and program a collaborative robot – or cobot – no longer depends on real life access to a robot or a training class, says Universal.

Now everybody with a desire to learn the concepts of cobots can log in to the Universal Robots Academy and get the introduction necessary to master basic programming skills.  Continue reading Universal Robots launches free online training in industrial robot programming

The Construct launches Robot Operating System courses

the construct ros course

The Construct has launched its first Robot Operating System Navigation course. 

Beginning on February 13, the one-week training course includes direct, individualised guidance from experienced tutors.

The course can be undertaken online, through the web, or in Barcelona – if you’re lucky enough to live in Barcelona.

The Construct also said it has now opened enrolment to its ROS in a Single Week course, aimed at starters.

The company says the course is “entirely practical ROS training”, which integrates theory and practice. Participants learn by programming different simulated robots and full integrated development environment.

That course, too, can be done online or in person, if you fly over to Barcelona, Spain.

TheConstructSim launches beta of its IDE for ROS


The Construct has launched a beta version of its integrated development environment. 

The company says users of the IDE don’t need to code, and can develop Robot Operating System programs “graphically”. is an online robot simulation environment in which users can develop and test their systems.

Infineon launches what it claims is the first-of-its-kind online engineering prototype design application


Infineon Technologies has launched the first online prototyping engine combining analog and digital simulation functionalities in an internet application.

Infineon Designer requires a web browser only, and the company says it is “a perfect match for supporting customers in selecting the right product for a defined application”.

Infineon Designer works intuitively in a very short time, and neither installation nor licenses are needed, according to the company.  Continue reading Infineon launches what it claims is the first-of-its-kind online engineering prototype design application

Manufacturing: Smarter than the average factory

What’s all this talk about “smart factories”? It’s just a bunch of machines being connected to the internet, right? What’s the big deal? What’s the big idea?

True, it’s all about connectivity. But that is, in fact, a very big deal – lots of very big deals, lots of very small deals, just lots and lots of deals, which, when combined, is indeed a huge, historic shift in industrial production, encapsulated by some in terms such as “Industry 4.0” or “Industrial Internet”.

Having been articulated, arguably, by the Germans, talk about “the fourth industrial revolution” or “Industrie 4.0” has permeated virtually all conversations about the future of manufacturing.  Continue reading Manufacturing: Smarter than the average factory

Don’t forget our new ebook – Robotics and Automation Industry Thought Leaders – is out now

robotics and automation industry thought leaders

Our new ebook, Robotics and Automation Industry Thought Leaders, is out now.

Featuring a selection of the best interviews from, the epublication makes the perfect gift for your entire social network.

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Rapid growth of online orders welcomes robotics technology, says Axium

axium DP240-2

One click. Delivered right to your door. Guaranteed overnight delivery. The messages are alluring, says Axium Solutions

Convenience has spurred e-commerce’s growth, with more and more retailers stepping up big-time to promote their online wares.

E-commerce annual sales estimates range from $750 billion to $1.2 trillion for that huge digital partner and sometime nemesis of the bricks and mortar store.

Ever-shortening delivery times and an ever-widening range of choice have become goals on-line retailers all strive toward to attract shoppers.  Continue reading Rapid growth of online orders welcomes robotics technology, says Axium

Visual Components going through accelerated growth phase

visual components

Visual Components is apparently going through a period of accelerated growth in which the company is attending numerous conferences and signing up a variety of partners from different parts of the world. 

Visual Components is an online 3D simulation platform which enables designers to create virtual factories and robotics and automation systems.

Started in 1999, the company’s platform integrates a robot programming application, an engineering tool and a sales tool, among other features.  Continue reading Visual Components going through accelerated growth phase