Effects of artificial intelligence will surpass the industrial revolution, says SoftBank CEO

The chief executive of telecommunications giant SoftBank says the effects of artificial intelligence will take the world much further and have a more profound effect than even the industrial revolution. 

An old picture of Masayoshi Son, courtesy of Wikipedia

In an article accompanying a special edition of the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son was quoted as saying the new “information revolution” is being partly driven by data collected through billions of sensors.

SoftBank has been buying up a variety of AI and robotics startups, most recently a company called Nauto, which is developing systems for driverless cars.

At the root of the technology, Son says, are microprocessors and microcontrollers. “Those who rule chips will rule the entire world,” he said. “Those who rule data will rule the entire world. That’s what people of the future will say.”

Continental selects Cypress microcontrollers for automotive platform

cypress traveo mcu

Continental selects Cypress Traveo II MCU for next-generation body electronics platform

Cypress Semiconductor says Continental has selected its automotive microcontrollers for its next-generation body electronics platform.

Cypress designed the Traveo II family specifically to deliver the performance, scalability, low power consumption and security required for emerging automotive platforms.

The solution will support Continental in providing their customers with a broad range of options for a variety of products, including central body control modules, door, window and sunroof control units, seat control units, smartphone terminals and wireless power charging units.  Continue reading Continental selects Cypress microcontrollers for automotive platform

Small potatoes: A closer look at chips


One of the issues with analysing the chip market, as with some others, is that the products are complex and have a huge array of applications. This often makes it difficult to compare one chip with another. 

Moreover, some people might not know the difference between a micro-processor and a micro-controller, or what a semiconductor is… and where microchips fit into all this.

So here’s an attempt at an explanation. Continue reading Small potatoes: A closer look at chips

Infineon signs deal with TTTech to speed up development in autonomous driving


Infineon has reached an agreement with TTTech on the joint development of autonomous vehicle technologies. 

Under the guidance of Audi, TTTech developed a central platform control unit, “zFAS”, integrating various functionalities of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The ECU also enables comprehensive fusion of sensor data. Microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies safeguard that highest requirements towards computing performance and safety are met.  Continue reading Infineon signs deal with TTTech to speed up development in autonomous driving