Kawasaki sells 2,000 duAro units in China, looking to sell even more robots amid labour shortages


Kawasaki Robotics has sold 2,000 units of its duAro dual-armed collaborative industrial robot in China, according to a report on Bloomberg.com

The company is now looking to increase sales to 5,000 units of duAro as the country’s industrial sector struggles with labour shortages.

As anomalous as it seems for a country with 1.4 billion people, China is facing labour shortages – believed to be caused by the one-child policy, introduced in 1979 when the country first started moving to a more capitalist-style economy.  Continue reading Kawasaki sells 2,000 duAro units in China, looking to sell even more robots amid labour shortages

Kawasaki gloating over appearance of its robots in latest Transformers film


Kawasaki is clearly very pleased with the appearance of not one but two of its industrial robots in the new Hollywood blockbuster film, Transformers 5: The Last Knight

The company has been crowing about its fame on its website.

The two Kawasaki RS010L robots make an appearance in the Transformers film.  Continue reading Kawasaki gloating over appearance of its robots in latest Transformers film

Kawasaki signs up AV Birch Automation to its integrator program


Robotics giant Kawasaki has signed up AV Birch Automation to its exclusive integration program as a preferred specialist.

The partnership, announced on August 12th, means that AV Birch Automation have access to the expertise, training and software tools of the Japanese manufacturer.

The comprehensive range of robots and machine loaders manufactured by Kawasaki already feature in some of AV Birch Automation client facilities and the new relationship creates an even tighter bond between end user and manufacturer. Continue reading Kawasaki signs up AV Birch Automation to its integrator program

Top 14 industrial robot companies and how many robots they have around the world

Finding statistics on the install base of robots is not as straightforward as it might be, but RoboticsandAutomationNews.com has compiled its own list of available data and the bar chart below is the result.

Many well known companies are missing from the list and graph, but that’s because we could not find any credible and up to date figures for their install base.

We will of course try and persuade those companies to release that information to us so that we can provide a more complete picture of the market.

We’ve called this list “Top 9”, but that is based on available information.

Update: Fanuc claims to have sold 400,000 robots worldwide. That takes it from fourth on our previous list to first place in the new 2016 list. So, Fanuc is now the world’s largest maker of industrial robots according to the latest information we have. We will update the list as and when we get more information.

Update: Epson claims to have sold 10,000 more robots worldwide since our previous list. The company says it now has 55,000 industrial robots installed worldwide. Our previous list had their install base at 45,000 – this has now been updated (below).

Update: Comau says it has 30,000 robots installed worldwide. In exclusive comments to Robotics and Automation News, a senior executive at the Italian company provided the statistic as part of an extended interview. Our previous list did not include Comau as we could not find the data – this has now been updated (below).

Update: Universal Robots says it has installed 10,000 of its collaborative industrial robots worldwide.

Update: ABB says it has 300,000 robots installed worldwide, up from our previous number of 250,000. We have updated the list, and will update the pie chart at a later date. The new figure places ABB in joint-second place, along with Yaskawa, although our list shows ABB at number 3.

Update: Foxconn says it has installed 40,000 industrial robots in China, according to reports. We had not found this in official company documents, which is why we did not initially include it in the list for now. However, the report was in a reliable publication, so we have decided to include it.

Update: Mitsubishi Robotics says it has 70,000 industrial robots installed worldwide, which makes it number 8 in our list. The parent company is going through some interesting times, after a $2.3 billion capital injection, and reports that it is preparing to triple its executive pay.

Update: Stäubli is one of the original robot manufacturers, and still one of the largest. We estimate that the company has a large number of robots installed worldwide. However, in the absence of any available data, we have made our estimate as to how many robots the company has installed wordldwide.

Top robot companies in the world – robot install base worldwide

  1. Fanuc – 400,000
  2. Yaskawa – 300,000
  3. ABB – 300,000
  4. Kawasaki – 110,000
  5. Nachi – 100,000
  6. Kuka – 80,000
  7. Denso – 80,000
  8. Mitsubishi – 70,000
  9. Epson – 55,000
  10. Stäubli – 45,000
  11. Foxconn – 40,000
  12. Comau – 30,000
  13. Omron / Adept – 25,000
  14. Universal – 10,000

Source: RoboticsAndAutomationNews.com

If new information becomes available, we would be happy to make additions and corrections if appropriate.

We recently found out that Nachi Robotics has a substantial number of industrial robots installed worldwide, which is why we have included it in the list.

We would very much welcome any information that will help us add more companies and more stats to the list.