Industrial internet technical standards groups form alliance

Two of the leading industrial internet technical standards groups have formed an alliance which is likely to accelerate the development of technologies in the sector.

The Industrial Internet Consortium and the Edge Computing Consortium have signed a partnership agreement – technically a memorandum of understanding – to advance the industrial Internet and edge computing.

Under the agreement, the consortia say they will work together to “maximize interoperability and portability for the industrial Internet”.  Continue reading Industrial internet technical standards groups form alliance

ThyssenKrupp claims ‘breakthrough’ in digital transformation and connecting machinery ​

ThyssenKrupp says it has achieved a breakthrough in the area of digital transformation and connecting machinery ​in industry.

ThyssenKrupp says it has reached a “milestone” for the digital transformation of industry and connecting the machinery of its materials services division through a new digital platform.

The company’s new internet of things platform is call Toii, or toii, as the company prefers to write it.  Continue reading ThyssenKrupp claims ‘breakthrough’ in digital transformation and connecting machinery ​

New report highlights 5G opportunities for operators

ADL 5G_Rollout_models

New business models are emerging as enterprises and solution providers get ready for the next generation of mobile networks, according to a new report. 

In its latest report, 5G Deployment Models Are Crystallizing, Arthur D. Little examines the opportunities that exist for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems enabled by the next generation of mobile networks.

Promising huge increases in speed and bandwidth, 5G has the potential to deliver a vast array of realistic, interactive experiences to consumers, for example, in the areas of immersive games and sports viewing, autonomous driving and augmented reality infotainment, with use cases currently being built.  Continue reading New report highlights 5G opportunities for operators

Industrial internet of things improving everything, says Rockwell Automation CEO

rockwell ceo blake moret
Rockwell CEO Blake Moret

Industrial internet of things applications are leading to better collaboration, faster problem-solving and increased productivity, according the boss of Rockwell Automation.

Blake Moret, president and CEO of Rockwell, spoke on internet of things adoption and its impact on industrial productivity, sharing insights with more than 1,200 business leaders at Cisco’s IoT World Forum.

Rockwell claims to be the industry’s only company solely dedicated to industrial automation and information, and says it is “uniquely positioned to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with harnessing the future of smart manufacturing”.  Continue reading Industrial internet of things improving everything, says Rockwell Automation CEO

What’s in the stars for manufacturing in India?

An electric fan factory, Varanasi Benares India
An electric fan factory, Varanasi Benares India

Exclusive interview with Sharmila Annaswamy, India-based consultant specialising in industry

Apple recently established a manufacturing facility in India, through Foxconn, the Taiwanese company which makes its iPhones, iPads and other devices. 

For Sharmila Annaswamy, a Frost & Sullivan consultant specialising in industry, the tech giant’s decision is one of the “remarkable achievements” of the government’s Make in India campaign.

As well as Apple and Foxconn, a number of Chinese companies have set up manufacturing facilities in India. Huawei, for example, plans to make smartphones in the country.

In an exclusive interview with, Annaswamy says: “Apple and other large companies moving into India is one of the good things that is happening with the Make in India campaign, which the government has been promoting on a large scale.  Continue reading What’s in the stars for manufacturing in India?

How China’s ‘copycat’ tech companies are now the ones to beat

made in china label

By Edward Tse, CEO of Gao Feng 

For a long time, Chinese companies have been known for copying market-proven products, brands and business models from the West and adapting them for the local market with only minor modifications. Such a phenomenon is known as shanzhai, a Chinese term that was originally used to describe a bandit stronghold outside government control. In today’s slang, it refers to businesses based on fake or pirated products.

Shanzhai has been prevalent in China in recent decades and this has earned China the reputation of being a “copycat nation”. Western media report that China’s preferential policies and regulations to restrict market access, such as the the “Great Firewall” in the internet industry, and the lack of intellectual property protection, give Chinese companies an unfair home advantage to create copies.

While shanzhai is common across a range of products and services, it is particularly prevalent in the internet sector. Chinese internet companies are often compared to their Western counterparts based on the similarity of their business models. For example, Baidu is known as the “Google of China”, Alibaba as the “eBay of China”, and Xiaomi as the “Apple of China”, just to name a few.  Continue reading How China’s ‘copycat’ tech companies are now the ones to beat

Video: Siemens predicts small number of companies will dominate industrial internet

Only a small number of companies will dominate the industrial internet, according to a business development executive at Siemens, who was speaking to at Hannover Messe. 

The German engineering giant recently launched its MindScape IoT platform and more than 50 individual apps for a variety of scenarios in industry.

Matthias Lutz, business development manager, digital factory division, Siemens, says: “I personally do see a couple of platforms co-existing in future, and maybe a couple of very specialised ones.

“But in the end, in my opinion, I think it’s a matter of two to three large platforms.”  Continue reading Video: Siemens predicts small number of companies will dominate industrial internet

China must take holistic approach to future of Hong Kong


By Edward Tse, CEO of Gao Feng 

Hong Kong’s government has a reputation for being inward-looking when it comes to formulating policies.

Prior to the 1997 handover, such an approach was acceptable and made sense, as Hong Kong was separated from mainland China.

However, interactions between the city and mainland have significantly increased since the handover.

The government must now take a more holistic approach to understanding the overall developments on the mainland and their implications for the future of Hong Kong.

A case in point is Hong Kong’s land use planning.  Continue reading China must take holistic approach to future of Hong Kong

What type of users require VPN services?

Everyone who wishes to protect own identity, location and personal data should carefully think about addressing reliable VPN provider and make everything possible to ensure online safety at home and in the office.

Safe online environment is a must for users who fit the following categories:

  • often make online payments. Online payments services have a lot of sensible data and may have a leakage due to poorly protected networks. Travellers use such services on daily basis and rely on e-wallets greatly, therefore, may be left without access to their money in a foreign country due to hacker’s activity;
  • visitors of public places who love to use free Wi-Fi. Hackers enjoy attending such places as well – here there are a lot of easy targets – students, travellers. Most of them are using smartphone and providing thieves with credit cards numbers, passwords, access to private chats and correspondence. Any smartphone will automatically connect to public network and allows snoopers to monitor users’ online activity. It is hard to avoid such places with free Wi-Fi – business centres, airports, hotels, restaurants all have available Internet access;
  • cloud users also risking to lose all data stored in there; and
  • torrents also can lead to IP address leakage, as well as infected with malware.

Apart from these obvious benefits, here are other advantages of using VPN protection:

  1. Afraid of missing favourite game or show while traveling? After choosing one of the best VPNs every client is allowed access to popular streaming content as Netflix, Spotify and many more. It is known that numerous countries block such websites as well as social networks. Moreover, online activity can be closely monitored;
  2. Using VPN apps it is much safer to use public Wi-Fi; and
  3. Another benefit for travellers, foreign students or anyone who has friends or relatives abroad – saving money on VOIP calls by changing the country of the call making it domestic.

best vpn 1

Main objective of every VPN service

VPN service is invaluable when working remotely as allows safe access to another network as well as when want to protect personal online environment.

The first thing this software hides is client’s IP address and this feature is crucial as every app we use and website we visit reads user’s IP and gets a lot of information such as approximate location, internet provider, used browser and operating system and many more.

In case user has unencrypted connection any information can be intercepted: personal correspondence, chats, shared files, banking details, corporate documentation and more.

In order to create safe working environment, VPN is tunnelling all clients’ activities and creates encrypted connection between any user’s device and the VPN server. Various types of security protocols are used to ensure highest level of protection and maintaining online privacy.

best vpn 2

Prices for these services are affordable and there is no need to postpone such important decision.


Bosch partners with IBM for IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications

bosch_ibm iot

Bosch IoT Suite Services available on IBM Bluemix and Watson IoT platform

IBM and Bosch are to cooperate in the area of Internet of Things and industry 4.0.

The aim of the partnership is to provide customers with software-based services of the Bosch IoT Suite via the open standards-based platforms IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson IoT platform.

This allows millions of networked IoT devices to be efficiently updated.  Continue reading Bosch partners with IBM for IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications

Wipro joins Industrial Internet Consortium

industrial internet consortium

Wipro has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things.

This membership provides Wipro opportunities to engage and innovate with multi-partner testbeds and adopt best practices to drive digital transformation for customers.

Wipro has significant actitivties in the Internet of Things space, leveraging connected assets for the transformation of enterprise business, services and processes. IoT is a key enabler of Wipro Digital’s transformation strategy for its customers.  Continue reading Wipro joins Industrial Internet Consortium

Industrial internet: The latest trends and challenges in systems integration

Systems integration

Nick Boughton, sales manager of Boulting Technology, discusses the challenges connectivity poses for industry, particularly with regard to systems integration and the water industry

Our world is getting smaller every day.

Never before have remote locations been more accessible thanks to communications technology, smartphones and the internet.

Connected devices have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, including the most traditional industry sectors.

One question industry has been unsuccessful in answering refers to the number of connected devices that exist in the world at the moment. Gartner says that by 2020, the Internet of Things will have grown to more than 26 billion units.  Continue reading Industrial internet: The latest trends and challenges in systems integration

Product lifecycle management software ‘integral’ to industrial internet

Product lifecycle management software is integral to the industrial internet but not all companies use them. 

According to industry experts at Hannover Messe, PLM applications are as essential as computer-aided design software.

In the age of Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things, some people might wonder if we still need PLM systems in the digital future.  Continue reading Product lifecycle management software ‘integral’ to industrial internet

Industrial internet: Advantech joins LoRa Alliance


Advantech, which claims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial computers and “intelligent systems”, has joined the LoRa Alliance. 

The LoRa Alliance is open, non-profit association which provides a forum for its 400 members to develop standards for internet of things technologies.

Advantech says it will provide the LoRa gateway and sensor node devices based on the open standard for Industry 4.0 and Smart City applications.  Continue reading Industrial internet: Advantech joins LoRa Alliance

Audi smart factory ushers in new era of manufacturing

Audi has opened what it calls a “smart factory”, in Mexico, the first such plant opened by a leading automaker in that country.

Professor Rupert Stadler, chairman of Audi, says: “The plant in Mexico is a milestone in the history of our company and an important step in our internationalization.

“It is one of the most modern factories on the American continent. With this facility, we have established an important site for the export of our automobiles to customers all over the world.”  Continue reading Audi smart factory ushers in new era of manufacturing