Grimme marks 80 years since first automated potato harvesting machine

grimme potato machine

In Germany alone, over 10 million tonnes of potatoes are harvested each year. Worldwide, the total even exceeds 341 million tonnes.

More than 80 years ago, Grimme developed the first potato harvesting machine. A great deal has happened since that time, and now Grimme is said to be the world market leader in potato harvesting technology.

Besides the actual harvesting, efficient storage technology is equally important to ensure that potatoes remain available in top quality to meet demand.  Continue reading Grimme marks 80 years since first automated potato harvesting machine

Robotics technology for picking farm produce
Farm workers in India. Picture by Vinoth Chandar

By Nandini Kranti 

The use of robotics technology in industrial systems is quite common, but in the agricultural sector, robotics and automation technology still retains a novelty and fascination, and is still to make a widespread impact on labor-intensive tasks.

The discussion on man versus machine has come too far. Artificial intelligence was the key addition that tipped scales in favor of the latter. Precise and iterative line functions in industrial processes are handled by well-programmed robots.

Material handling is seldom an issue in this setup since a great deal of customization goes into each design in the pre-installation phase.  Continue reading Robotics technology for picking farm produce

Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers

agricultural robots field1
Vege-bot Lettuce Harvester (University of Cambridge), 3D imaging project for robotic harvesting (University of Lincoln)

The technology is mature and ready for the field, say experts

Advanced engineering could be the solution for the sustainable intensification of agriculture, as technology for producing service robots reaches maturity.

Experts in robotics from University of Cambridge, University of Lincoln and Harper Adams University will be discussing the latest developments during Agri-Tech East’s Pollinator event on 11 October 2016.

So what exactly is a robot?  Continue reading Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers