Preview of Hannover Messe coverage

With an event the size of Hannover Messe, it’s difficult to know what to cover and what we are inevitably going to have to leave for another time. 

Of course, if had the necessary resources, we would cover everything, but choices have to be made and only the most relevant stories will be included for now, as well as some random things because what’s life without a little randomness?

We may gradually get round to publishing something about everything, but that will take time. For now, below is a list of the companies we plan to visit and hope to produce some content about.  Continue reading Preview of Hannover Messe coverage

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Planning to go to Hannover Messe

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Energy efficiency: The industrial sector can do much more, say experts

A coal power plant in Datteln, Germany
A coal power plant in Datteln, Germany. Picture courtesy of Arnold Paul

In this article by Hannover Messe, experts say the industrial sector has more potential to save on energy costs

Six out of ten companies are satisfied with the results of their most recent energy efficiency measures according to the energy efficiency index EEI’s winter evaluation.

The Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production at the University of Stuttgart surveys the German industry’s ongoing and planned activities regarding energy efficiency every six months.

“The latest information campaign from the German Ministry of Economics, is correct and will remain enormously important,” says the director of EEP Professor Alexander Sauer. “Ignorance continues to be a major obstacle.”   Continue reading Energy efficiency: The industrial sector can do much more, say experts

Hannover Messe: Making use of energy management systems

power lines

Get your complementary ticket to Hannover Messe before they’re all gone – limited number

There is no question that energy is costly. Costs for this resource have quadrupled since 2000, according to the German Energy Agency, with the planned energy transition also contributing to this trend.

This development hits business particularly hard. Industry, trade and services account for some 45 percent of total energy consumption in Germany.

So efficient use of this resource makes economic sense, as well as being an environmental imperative. The German Energy Agency estimates that companies could reduce their energy needs by 30 percent using standard efficiency measures.  Continue reading Hannover Messe: Making use of energy management systems