Fujitsu extends product portfolio with connectors from Neltron

fujitsu connectors

Fujitsu Electronics Europe is extending its line card portfolio to include products from Neltron Industrial.

The Taiwan-based company manufactures ROHS compliant connectors of various types. With this partnership, FEEU is seeking to widen the range of its offerings and to create new synergies between them, strengthening its role as a Value Added Distribution Partner for the EMEA market.

Neltron offers a broad range of connector types, including board to board, wire to board, wire to wire, FPC/FCC, IDC connectors, shrouded header, USB connectors and jumpers.  Continue reading Fujitsu extends product portfolio with connectors from Neltron

Fujitsu develops new IoT platform for robotics and automation

fujitsu iot platform

Fujitsu has developed a new software platform that enables the centralized and stable management of operating status for a variety of sensors, devices, gateways, and robotics and automation systems, as well as the condition of the network that connects them.

This platform will support the operation and management of an anticipated and growing array of IoT services, says the company.

In developing this new platform, Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Research and Development Center have defined common Application Programming Interface (API) to enable consolidated management of IoT device and network status, as well as the monitoring information required to analyze the cause of faults. Continue reading Fujitsu develops new IoT platform for robotics and automation

Fujitsu launches network automation software

fujitsu network automation software
Automation of the switchover from active to standby network route when a fault occurs, and of the switch back

Fujitsu has launched the Fujitsu Network Virtuora SP, which is software that automates tasks such as network system operation and maintenance.

By turning expertise with regard to tasks such as network systems operation and maintenance into scenarios that allow those tasks to be automated, Virtuora SP greatly reduces the time to start providing services to customers, as well as reducing operating costs.

Fujitsu aims to speed up customers’ network service provision through software-defined networking (SDN) technology, and by providing network DevOps solutions(1) such as Virtuora SP, Fujitsu says it can support the total lifecycle of network services.

Fujitsu develops ‘new deep learning technology’ for IoT data analysis

fujitsu, deep learning, time-series data
How Fujitsu’s technology classifies time-series data

Fujitsu claims it has developed a new deep learning technology to analyse time-series data with high precision, a discovery that could help improve the efficiency of embedded chips in wearables and devices, for example.

When applied to Internet of Things data, the company says, its new technology “significantly improves accuracy by about 25 per cent compared to previous technology”.

Time-series data – which is basically continuous monitoring but with data taken at specific regular times, such as every millisecond – can be subject to severe volatility, making it difficult for people to discern patterns in the data. Continue reading Fujitsu develops ‘new deep learning technology’ for IoT data analysis