Technical guide: Fanuc panel keyboard keys overview

Contributed by MRO Electric, an independent factory automation distributor 

Fanuc Alarm keys: These keys are located on the machine panel that displays alarm intelligence for the machine panel. MRO Electric has several Fanuc part numbers starting with A06B, A20B, and A16B in-stock here. These keys differ from the alarm keys correlated with the control panel.

Fanuc Auto key: This is the key on the CNC machine (including the A16B, A17B & A20B product line) that reshapes the operation mode to automatic. Automatic mode authorizes an operator to contact and execute a part program stored in memory. Automatic mode is called memory mode on some CNC controls at times.

A safety function that determines if the tool has moved beyond its set boundaries. Forbidden zones can be programmed to specify areas where the tool can and cannot enter.  Continue reading Technical guide: Fanuc panel keyboard keys overview