DJI launches two new drones and ‘sphere’ vision system


DJI, probably the world’s largest civilian drones maker, has introduced two new drones and a new way for looking at the world, which the company calls “Sphere” panorama. 

The two new drones are called Mavic Pro Platinum and Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, and they will be showcased at IFA event, in Berlin.

Paul Pan, DJI senior product manager, says: “DJI continuously look for ways to improve its products and introduce new features, many of which are the result of the positive feedback and requests we received from customers around the world.  Continue reading DJI launches two new drones and ‘sphere’ vision system

The pros and cons of using drones in the real estate business

drone above house

By Tim Jennings, president, Custom Case Group

Are drones a necessity in the real estate business or are they an extra? 

The clearest and quickest way to answer that question is to present a few compelling pieces of information:

  • When the Federal Aviation Administration handed out its first 1,000 commercial drone operator exemptions a couple of years ago, 35 percent were to operators in real estate marketing.
  • The Multiple Listing Service has reported that properties featuring aerial images sell about 68 percent faster than do properties featuring only non-aerial photos.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors, 73 percent of homeowners said they’d be more likely to list with an agent who incorporates video in marketing their home.
  • In March 2016, Goldman Sachs released a report saying the global drone market is expected to grow to $20.6 billion in the next five years.
  • Many analysts are saying last summer’s FAA commercial drone ruling will result in a dramatic expansion of drone use in the real estate industry this year.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line is: If you haven’t incorporated drones in your operations yet, it’s time to get the process started.  Continue reading The pros and cons of using drones in the real estate business

UPS completes testing of drone delivery system developed by Workhorse

UPS says it has successfully tested a drone that launches from the top of a UPS package car, autonomously delivers a package to a home and then returns to the vehicle while the delivery driver continues along the route to make a separate delivery.

UPS conducted the test on Monday in Tampa, Florida with Workhorse Group, an Ohio-based battery-electric truck and drone developer. Workhorse built the drone and the electric UPS package car used in the test.

Mark Wallace, senior vice-president of global engineering and sustainability at UPS, says: “This test is different than anything we’ve done with drones so far. It has implications for future deliveries, especially in rural locations where our package cars often have to travel kilometres to make a single delivery.

“Imagine a triangular delivery route where the stops are kilometres apart by road. Sending a drone from a package car to make just one of those deliveries can reduce costly kilometres driven. This is a big step toward bolstering efficiency in our network and reducing our emissions at the same time.” Continue reading UPS completes testing of drone delivery system developed by Workhorse

Why it makes sense to insure your drone

agriculture drone

It’s sensible to insure your drones, says

It may once have been the preserve of the military, but drone technology is now an important tool for businesses throughout the UK. Companies in many different sectors are increasingly using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to give them a commercial edge.

Who uses drones for commercial use?

Media agencies, for instance, are using drones to produce dynamic advertising footage, or to support news reporting, along with photographic agencies, which employ drones to provide stunning panoramic shots and pictures from previously inaccessible places.  Continue reading Why it makes sense to insure your drone

Kespry says its new drone is twice as capable as its previous model

kespry drone 2.0

Kespry, which designs automated drone systems for commercial use, has launched its new Kespry Drone 2.0.

The company says its new lighter-weight drone flies twice as long, covers twice the ground area, and has double the wind resilience, due to the new airframe, battery, and flight system improvements.

Based on requests from commercial customers, the new Kespry Drone 2.0 now flies over 30 minutes per flight, covering up to 150 acres at a 400 foot altitude, and can operate effectively in up to 25 mph sustained winds and 35 mph wind gusts.  Continue reading Kespry says its new drone is twice as capable as its previous model

DJI unveils new Phantom 4 drone with ‘highly advanced’ computer vision and sensing technology

dji phantom 4
The new DJI Phantom 4

DJI has launched the Phantom 4, which it says is the first consumer quadcopter camera – or drone – to use “highly advanced” computer vision and sensing technology.

The Phantom 4 expands on previous generations of DJI’s iconic Phantom line by adding new on-board intelligence that makes piloting and shooting great shots simple through features like its Obstacle Sensing System, ActiveTrack and TapFly functionality.

“With the Phantom 4, we are entering an era where even beginners can fly with confidence,” said DJI CEO Frank Wang. “People have dreamed about one day having a drone collaborate creatively with them. That day has arrived.” Continue reading DJI unveils new Phantom 4 drone with ‘highly advanced’ computer vision and sensing technology

Industrial Networks prepares to launch rail automation drone

inet drone
The INet drone

Industrial Networks (INet) is launching a drone that it says is “capable of fully autonomous scanning of the railyard for inventory and inspection of a railcar”. The company has been developing the drone since 2005, and last year applied to the authorities for a drone flying licence.

INet says the drone has transformed the rail industry for shippers and provided tools to automate the complete process of rail and truck shipping.

INet’s stationary and mobile Automated Equipment Identification (AEI) readers provide pivotal rail and truck shipment management for control over in-plant operations. This automation reduces the occurrence of errors and improves overall productivity for shippers across North America.  Continue reading Industrial Networks prepares to launch rail automation drone

DJI drops price of Phantom 3 drone by 20 per cent

DJI Phantom 3 drone
DJI Phantom 3 drone

DJI has reduced the price for its Phantom 3 Professional drone. It will now sell for $999, down from US$1,259, with similar price action taken in other markets around the world.

“We are constantly assessing our product range and market conditions to determine the most-appropriate and competitive pricing for consumers,” a DJI spokesman said.

“As more consumers advance their aerial photography skills, they are also asking for higher-quality cameras and more professional features on their drones. The price adjustment will enable more people to access our professional-grade aerial technology and open up more creative possibilities.”

The lower price comes around 10 months after drone first went on sale. DJI launched the Phantom 3 Professional in April 2015.

DJI introduces company’s first agriculture drone

dji agricultural drone
DJI is the market leader in drones, but this is its first agricultural drone
DJI has launched its first smart, crop-spraying agricultural drone.

The DJI Agras MG-1 is dust-proof, water-resistant and made of anti-corrosive materials. It can be rinsed clean and folded up for easy transport and storage after use.

The eight-rotor Agras can load more than 10 kilograms of liquid for crop-spraying and can cover between seven and 10 acres per hour. It is over 40 times more-efficient than manual spraying. Continue reading DJI introduces company’s first agriculture drone