Infographic: Why choose obsolete?

eu automation - industrial robots

Global supplier of industrial automation parts, EU Automation, has released an infographic detailing the benefits of purchasing obsolete components as opposed to buying brand new equipment.

Focusing on the financial and regulatory benefits of sourcing obsolete, the handy infographic is available to download from the EU Automation website.

By investigating the cost of downtime in manufacturing industries, specifically for the food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, EU Automation’s infographic names sourcing obsolete components as one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to minimise stoppages in production.  Continue reading Infographic: Why choose obsolete?

Maxim Integrated launches new PLC development platform

maxim-Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Maxim says its new platform transforms traditional manufacturing processes with real-time intelligence, adaptive manufacturing, and distributed control

Maxim Integrated has launched a new Pocket IO programmable logic controller development platform which its says can significantly increase manufacturing productivity.

The company says the platform provides customers with the ability to achieve the smallest form factor and highest power efficiency for next-generation PLC designs.

Lost productivity is a common concern for Industry 4.0 designers challenged with keeping a manufacturing line running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Continue reading Maxim Integrated launches new PLC development platform

Manufacturing: The future of obsolescence management


Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of EU Automation, looks at managing obsolete automation components in the factory of the future

In 10 years’ time robots will cease to be subservient/submissive, manufacturing won’t exist as we know it and we’ll be 3D printing our own clothes before we go out.

Do any of these sound like familiar predictions you’ve heard over the last five years? We thought so. With this in mind, we’ll tread lightly when talking about what the highly interconnected future has in store for industrial automation.

Oh, did we mention that this factory could be ordering your replacement parts for you?  Continue reading Manufacturing: The future of obsolescence management

Manufacturers rely on big data to navigate tough business conditions, says Honeywell

Survey of 200 executives indicates most manufacturers plan to increase investments in data analytics over next year – even while delaying other technology investments

A recent survey of manufacturing executives indicates many respondents (67 percent) are pressing ahead with plans to invest in data analytics even as they pare back spending in other areas to combat tough business conditions.

The reason: Many say they view data analytics – a key component of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – as a viable solution to a cycle of problems that lead to downtime and lost revenue.

More than 200 North American manufacturing executives took part in the survey titled Data’s Big Impact on Manufacturing: A Study of Executive Opinions. The survey was jointly conducted by Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) and KRC Research, from May 23 to June 8, 2016.  Continue reading Manufacturers rely on big data to navigate tough business conditions, says Honeywell