This is the biggest infographic in the world ever

infographic – Where-next-for-car-technology

By Neil Tohill, director of Southside Motor Factors

This epic infographic outlines the extraordinary technological innovations that we are currently seeing, or can soon expect to see, on modern vehicles.

The concept of self-driving cars has been mooted for quite some time and has been a feature of sci-fi TV shows or cartoons speculatively casting an eye to the future.

In 2017, autonomous cars have become a distinct possibility, and while a fully autonomous vehicle is still a way off, we can now invest in cars which will let us kick back for most of a journey.

We’re also entering the area of holographic windscreens which can display key data that we would previously have needed to glance down at the dashboard to see.

These advances are remarkable when you think that it wasn’t so long ago since power steering and remote locking were perceived as fantastic innovations.

Bosch introduces 3D landscapes to its vehicle navigation software

bosch, 3d map, mavigation
Bosch claims its 3D map software can work in cars when online or offline

Bosch has enhanced the map display on its built-in navigation systems so they now show a three-dimensional world, which the company says makes them “even more engaging and relevant”.

The company claims its system supports the Navigation Data Standard (NDS), which is an industry map standard for automotive technology.

On the new Bosch maps, buildings extend skyward, enabling you to get your bearings more easily, and visible changes in terrain height combined with integrated satellite imagery produce an almost photorealistic look. Continue reading Bosch introduces 3D landscapes to its vehicle navigation software