Endurance Robots launches open source chatbot platform

formitchev selfiebot chatbot
George Formitchev, CEO of Endurance Robots, demonstrates the company’s new chatbot platform

Endurance Robots has developed an open source platform to enable developers to build their own chatbots. 

CEO George Formitchev says the system is capable of facilitating the development of something like Jibo, Alexa, or Siri – some of the more well known chatbots on the market.

He adds that the SelfieBot Endurance ChatBot allows you to create your own personal assistant to “answer your emails and to communicate with you and on your behalf”.

Formitchev says the applications of the system could be “to help you learn a foreign language and to be a key addition in your everyday life”.

Endurance has a wide range of robotic solutions, including lasers for industrial applications, and like its chatbot most of it is open source and instructions on how to get started are on the company’s website.

Universal Robots launches app store and developer program

Universal Robots, has launched something it calls “Universal Robots+” at the Automatica event in Munich. Basically, it’s a sort of app store aimed at creating an ecosystem around UR’s collaborative robots. 

In a statement, the company says Universal Robots+ is “a showroom of plug and play application solutions offering a new level of simplicity for companies that want to hit the ground running when installing their next UR robot application”.

By choosing accessories, end-effectors, and software solutions from Universal Robots+, both distributors and end users get “high security and predictability that applications will run well from the start, saving weeks and months in the integration process from concept to operation of the UR cobots”, says Universal Robots.

The company has also launched the associated +You developer program, which  is free-of-charge and offers a “powerful marketing and support platform for the flourishing eco-system of UR-robot application developers”.  Continue reading Universal Robots launches app store and developer program

IBM endows Watson with new powers of humanity

ibm watson
IBM Watson gains new knowledge and some emotional capaibilities

IBM has introduced new and expanded cognitive APIs for developers that the company claims “enhance Watson’s emotional and visual senses, further extending the capabilities of the industry’s largest and most diverse set of cognitive technologies and tools”.

Three APIs, Tone Analyzer, Emotion Analysis and Visual Recognition, are now available in beta. Additionally, Text to Speech (TTS) has been updated with new emotional capabilities and is being re-released as Expressive TTS for general availability.

These APIs are pushing the sensory boundaries of how humans and machines interact, and they are designed to improve how developers embed these technologies to create solutions that can think, perceive and empathize.  Continue reading IBM endows Watson with new powers of humanity