The Construct launches Robot Operating System courses

the construct ros course

The Construct has launched its first Robot Operating System Navigation course. 

Beginning on February 13, the one-week training course includes direct, individualised guidance from experienced tutors.

The course can be undertaken online, through the web, or in Barcelona – if you’re lucky enough to live in Barcelona.

The Construct also said it has now opened enrolment to its ROS in a Single Week course, aimed at starters.

The company says the course is “entirely practical ROS training”, which integrates theory and practice. Participants learn by programming different simulated robots and full integrated development environment.

That course, too, can be done online or in person, if you fly over to Barcelona, Spain.

TheConstructSim launches beta of its IDE for ROS


The Construct has launched a beta version of its integrated development environment. 

The company says users of the IDE don’t need to code, and can develop Robot Operating System programs “graphically”. is an online robot simulation environment in which users can develop and test their systems.

Humanoid robot sumo wrestlers invited to take part in crazy contest

the construct humanoid sumo contest
Let’s get ready to rumble!

No matter how bizarre we think things are, there’s always something even more bizarre than we imagined. 

In the latest challenge to our sanity, The Construct is organising what it says is a “humanoid sumo contest”. Yes, that’s what they said. Sumo, as in Japanese wrestling. With virtual humanoid robots. Within The Construct’s specially-created online environment.

As much as we admire The Construct’s technical achievements, we’re not sure if this apparently absurd idea is the right way to go about marketing what is actually a highly professional and capable cloud-based application for developing robots.

But be that as it may, The Construct has indeed set up a humanoid sumo contest, dojo and all, to see whose robot has the sheer girth and mid-riff elasticity to bounce opponents out of the ring.  Continue reading Humanoid robot sumo wrestlers invited to take part in crazy contest