Exclusive interview with Cisco Jasper’s IoT cloud exec


A conversation with Theresa Bui, head of enterprise product marketing, IoT cloud at Cisco Jasper

Theresa Bui is an expert in cloud services as they apply to industry, in particular. Through Cisco, Bui’s work involves dealing with large, industrial conglomerates, such as General Electric, ABB and others.

With more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience, Bui is on the verge of helping make Cisco as important to the industrial sector as it is to the infrastructure of the internet.

In an interview with Robotics and Automation News, Bui provides an insight into Cisco’s approach to a range of new technologies, including industrial internet of things, robotics and automation.  Continue reading Exclusive interview with Cisco Jasper’s IoT cloud exec

Cisco Jasper publishes study on industrial internet of things

cisco jasper iiot study

Cisco Jasper has conducted a study based on usage data of more than 3,500 enterprise customers on its IoT service platform to determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IoT both before and after implementing an IoT service platform.

The company has released the results of its TCO for Industrial IoT report, focused specifically on the data from industrial enterprises using its platform.

Cisco Jasper’s blog post on the results says: “You can’t truly calculate ROI until you understand the comprehensive cost of ownership of delivering an IIoT service.”

Cisco Jasper links up with Cumulocity to offer IIoT services


Cisco Jasper has agreed a partnership deal with Cumulocity, a global IoT application enablement platform.

The collaboration has resulted in Cumulocity integrating the functionality of Cisco Jasper’s IoT service platform into its platform.

Through this integration, mobile operators who resell Cumulocity services will have access to Cisco Jasper’s platform functionality built into the Cumulocity-based applications they make available to their enterprise customers.  Continue reading Cisco Jasper links up with Cumulocity to offer IIoT services

Fanuc developing industrial internet of everything

Fanuc is developing a machine-to-machine network that will connect just about every piece of equipment in a manufacturing plant. 

The Fanuc Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (Field) system is an industrial internet of things network that will be aimed at automakers.

Fanuc already provides General Motors with a global IIoT platform to manage and maintain the automakers’ robots.  Continue reading Fanuc developing industrial internet of everything