Asahi boss looks forward to ‘fully unmanned’ breweries

The boss of one of the world’s largest beer, spirits, and soft drinks companies says he is looking forward to fully automated breweries in the future. 

Speaking at a Nikkei Global Management Forum, Naoki Izumiya, CEO of Asahi, said it’s no good crying into your beer about the effects of automation – that can only lead to self-destruction.

Izumiya says a “stubborn adherence” to traditional drinking strategies will not be enough to keep up with the competition.  Continue reading Asahi boss looks forward to ‘fully unmanned’ breweries

Software for smart beverage production

zenon data management

Software maker Copa-Data has demonstrated new solutions for smart breweries, comprehensive energy data management, flexible batch production and efficient filling lines.

Copa-Data also says the system has interoperability with the Weihenstephan and OMAC PackML standards, as a result of which machines and equipment can be more quickly integrated into existing manufacturing infrastructures.

Emilian Axinia, industry manager for food and beverage at Copa-Data, says: “Our software innovations for the smart production of beer and other drinks… demonstrate flexible batch production using an equipment model controlled by zenon. These are smart and field-tested software solutions from soft PLC, through ISA-88 Batch Control to mobile technologies.”  Continue reading Software for smart beverage production