Marketing and advertising solutions for your business

Robotics and Automation News offers a range of editorial and commercial opportunities to businesses.

From advertising on the website and in the publications, to press release writing and distribution.

Why not check out the list below for details and contact us for more information?

We have a number of special introductory offers to suit any budget, and have experience of delivering exceptional return on investment.

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Advertising space: Available on the website and in our publications. We are a Google Advertising Certified Professional website.


Advertising design: We can design your online advertisement, ready for websites, and design your magazine advertisements as well.

Brochure design: We can design your product or company brochure, as a PDF document, or in a format of your choice.


Article writing: Need an article written about your company? We can advise you on how to generate articles that will interest journalists.

Press release writing: If you prefer to send out press releases, we can give you tips on how to make them sparkle.

Copywriting: Advertisements need a different approach. We know what will help build your brand.


Video: We can make advertisements and informational videos for your business.

Business documents: We can help you with your annual reports, market analyses, catalogues, and other business reports.

Commercial publishing: You want to produce newsletters and magazines for your customers? We can help with that too.

Sponsorship opportunities: Sponsor some of our features and special reports.

Article distribution: We can distribute your articles to all the leading article publishers.

Press release distribution: We can put your press release on all the leading press release distribution sites.

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