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Yaskawa launches direct drive servo motor for ‘backlash-free’ automation applications

yaskawa sgm7f servo motor

Yaskawa has introduced a direct drive servo motor that the company says packs a new level of performance into a more compact size than anything offered before. 

The new Yaskawa SGM7F line of direct drive servo motors delivers from 4 to 35 Nm of torque in a device as small as 2.1” high and 5.3” in diameter (53x135mm).

This size advantage makes it possible to apply the mechanical benefits of a direct coupling between a servo motor and a load in tighter spaces than ever before. 

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ABB claims world record in energy efficiency for its synchronous motor


abb AMS 1400 Motor

ABB says it has set a new world record in energy efficiency with its synchronous motor – and says the technology could save companies half a million dollars over 20 years.

The company says it achieved “almost 100 per cent energy efficiency” with the motor.

Tests carried out on a 44 megawatt 6-pole synchronous ABB motor shortly before delivery showed an efficiency 0.25 percent greater than the 98.8 percent stipulated in the contract, resulting in the world record for electric motor efficiency. 

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NSK miniature linear guides bring ‘higher dynamics’ to pick-and-place machines


NSK says its linear guides bring “higher dynamics” to pick-and-place machines.

As machines for the semiconductor industry operate with cycle times of one second or less, pick-and-place units must offer very high dynamic performance.

A case in point can be seen at a manufacturer of chip-mounting systems, where NSK recommended a combination of its ball screw and miniature linear guide technologies to replace the existing linear motor and significantly increase dynamic capability. 

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Fujitsu extends product portfolio with connectors from Neltron

fujitsu connectors

Fujitsu Electronics Europe is extending its line card portfolio to include products from Neltron Industrial.

The Taiwan-based company manufactures ROHS compliant connectors of various types. With this partnership, FEEU is seeking to widen the range of its offerings and to create new synergies between them, strengthening its role as a Value Added Distribution Partner for the EMEA market.

Neltron offers a broad range of connector types, including board to board, wire to board, wire to wire, FPC/FCC, IDC connectors, shrouded header, USB connectors and jumpers. 

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HMS Industrial launches new smart grid connectivity gateway


New IXXAT SG-gateways from HMS Industrial Networks enable data exchange between infrastructure and energy networks based on IEC61850 or IEC60870-5-104, and common fieldbus and industrial Ethernet systems, says the company.

While industrial communication between devices and systems is typically done with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, modern infrastructure and energy networks are based upon other protocol standards such as IEC61850 and IEC60870-5-104.

The new IXXAT SG-gateways from HMS address the increasing need for data exchange between these two worlds, offering a wide protocol coverage and easy integration. 

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North American robotics market growing and creating new types of work, says A3

fanuc at hm 1

The fast-growing North American robotics and automation market is creating new kinds of jobs, according to the Association for Advancing Automation, or A3. 

The association says new technologies, such as collaborative robots and advanced vision systems are driving growth and diversity of employment in the sector.

Jeff Burnstein, who has a number of roles in the association including A3 president, says: “Automation technologies are fueling entirely new categories of jobs – really creating the jobs of the future – in addition to enabling companies to become more productive and create higher-quality products in safer environments.” 

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Genesis Robotics accelerates development of prototypes based on its ‘revolutionary’ LiveDrive actuator

genesis robotics actuator

Well-funded startup Genesis Robotics has accelerated the development of a range of products based on its “ground-breaking” technology, which the company claims will transform the entire industry. 

All of the new products Genesis has developed are based on something it calls LiveDrive, an actuator system which uses a gear with no teeth, invented by the company itself.

Making a gear work without teeth sounds impossible – how does it move connected parts without teeth? Imagine a gear on a bicycle without teeth and you’ll get the picture. 

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NSK launches low-friction ball bearings which ‘increase energy efficiency’

nsk ball bearings

NSK has launched low-friction ball bearings which it says increase energy efficiency and reduce operational noise in drive systems. 

Bearings of this type will also reduce heat generation, which in turn helps to extend service life, according to the company.

Based on concepts such as optimised raceway geometry and special sealing concepts, NSK has developed several series of ball bearings that offer significantly lower friction characteristics. 

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Leuze launches new capacitive sensors for ‘reliable detection’ of objects and fill levels

leuze electronic capacitive sensors

The new capacitive sensors from Leuze

Leuze Electronic is expanding its portfolio of optoelectronic and inductive sensors with capacitive proximity switches, making it possible for users to obtain complete solutions for all detection requirements from a single source.

With its new range of capacitive products, Leuze electronic is introducing contactless, wear-free switches which are resistant to electromagnetic influences, interference and contaminants in the air such as dust.

The capacitive switches are available in cylindrical or cubic designs with flush and non-flush mounting options to suit the widest range of applications. 

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BMW and General Electric invest in Xometry manufacturing marketplace


bmw i cars 2

An online marketplace which offers custom-manufactured parts using 3D printing and machine learning to generate instant price quotes has raised $15 million in its latest funding round. 

Relatively new startup company Xometry – which rhymes with geometry and is pronounced zometry – has raised a total of $38 million since it was established in 2013.

The company already generates approximately $20 million in annual revenue and has hundreds of providers and more than 5,000 customers. 

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Hillcrest Labs launches ‘industrial grade sensor for consumer products’

FSM300 Module vs Quarter_NEW_ExtraLarge crop

Hillcrest Labs has a new sensor system which the company says is “four times better” than competitor solutions.

Hillcrest says its new FSM300 delivers industrial-grade sensor fusion accuracy at prices suitable for consumer products with “four times greater accuracy versus competitor solutions in some tests”.

The FSM300 is what’s called a attitude and heading reference system, which is a sensor system, and an inertial measurement unit, which like a gyroscope. 

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Mitsubishi improves visualisation on its human machine interface

The GT2107 Wide Series Human Machine Interface

The GT2107 Wide Series Human Machine Interface

Mitsubishi has updated its human machine interface and integrated what it says is improved visibility and performance. 

The company says the improvements to its GT2107 HMI were driven by “end user demand”.

Mitsubishi says the GT2107 is an interface that monitors and controls machine components with a graphical touchscreen that connects to equipment such as programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives and servos.

The compact HMI features a 7-inch wide display with 800 x 480 resolution for clear image quality and is equipped with a remote connectivity option through a virtual network computing server.

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Smart tool dispenser systems finding their way into industrial settings

Thomas Dicks, head of e-business and marketing at Lerbs

Thomas Dicks, head of e-business and marketing at Lerbs

Smart automatic vending machines are becoming increasingly widely used in industrial settings, according to Bedrunka+Hirth

The German company supplies what it calls “intelligent consumable and tool dispensers” which have hi-tech features such as ID card and PIN code verification access management.

B+H says the machine knows exactly who is allowed to receive a measuring device and when it must be calibrated. It logs the number of times when a milling cutter was taken out and knows when the stock is running out. 

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Automation Direct launches new CPU for its programmable logic controllers

Automation Direct’s new CPU

Automation Direct’s new CPU 

Automation Direct has added two new “feature-enhanced” CPUs to its DirectLogic DL405 programmable logic controller product line.

The D4-454 and D4-454DC-1 provide all the capabilities of the D4-430, D4-440 and D4-450 CPUs, using updated microprocessor technology allowing the D4-454 to be the CPU of choice for the DL405 family.

Both D4-454 CPUs include a built-in power supply and four communication ports. 

Honeywell says its newest PLC dramatically reduces integration costs for industrial plants

honeywell controledge plc

Honeywell Process Solutions has launched the latest version of its ControlEdge Programmable Logic Controller.

This release, combined with Honeywell’s Experion distributed control system, provides a “significant reduction” in integration efforts and project costs as well as increased security and availability through enhanced cyber security for industrial facilities, says the company.

The PLC is used in a variety of balance of plant applications, such as equipment and device level control. 

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