RIA partners with OSHA and NIOSH to create unpronounceable robot group


The Robotics Industries Association is partnering with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to create a new standards body for robotics and other relevant industries. 

RIA is the main industrial robotics association in the US and was established in 1974.

OSHA and NIOSH are both government agencies – OSHA is under the Department of Labour, and NIOSH is under the Department of Health and Human Services.  Continue reading RIA partners with OSHA and NIOSH to create unpronounceable robot group

HRG launches industrial robotics tutorial platform


HIT Robot Group, one of China’s leading manufacturer of robots, has launched an industrial robotics tutorial platform.

HRG says Haidu Academy is designed to help learners of different levels to improve their industrial robot-operating skills on various brands.

China is the largest and fastest-growing robot market in the world.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the first seven months of 2017, 71,600 industrial robots were produced in China, accounting for more than 30 percent of global output during the period.

Statistics also suggest an increasing demand for skilled workers. The Ministry predicts that China will need 200,000 skilled workers to operate industrial robots as of 2020.

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TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

construct ros industrial

TheConstruct has launched several new courses for people who want to learn to use the Robot Operating System. 

The online simulation environment provider has two courses, in particular, which may interest readers of this website.

One of them is called ROS Autonomous Vehicles 101, and the other is ROS-Industrial 101. Both are available through the website, TheConstructSim.comContinue reading TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

Engineering companies struggling to find and keep talented young workers

engineering graduates
Picture courtesy of WonderfulEngineering.com

To anyone looking for work, it might sound strange to hear that some sectors of the economy are struggling to find and retain workers, but that’s the situation many engineering companies find themselves in. 

Finding, educating, training and retaining talented young people is not just a dilemma for engineering companies in one region or country, it’s a global issue.

But, paradoxically, while companies in some countries say there’s a problem finding engineering graduates, in other countries such as India, large numbers of engineering graduates are reportedly not having much luck finding jobs.

In those countries where there is a shortage, such as Germany and maybe the US, it’s not at crisis levels yet, but it’s a complication that large industrial companies are trying to alleviate in a variety of ways.  Continue reading Engineering companies struggling to find and keep talented young workers

Universal Robots launches free online training in industrial robot programming

universal robots training
The UR Academy modules takes the student through basic tasks such as
programming the UR robot arm to place parts in a box arriving on a conveyor

“It’s unprecedented to make inter-active teaching material of this caliber free of charge – we’re basically the first in the industry to take this approach,” says Universal Robots spokesperson

Universal Robots has developed online training modules to enable users of its industrial robots learn more about their machines’ operations and applications.

The hands-on modules are offered free of charge, open to all, and built to deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations to maximize user engagement, says the company.

Learning how to set up and program a collaborative robot – or cobot – no longer depends on real life access to a robot or a training class, says Universal.

Now everybody with a desire to learn the concepts of cobots can log in to the Universal Robots Academy and get the introduction necessary to master basic programming skills.  Continue reading Universal Robots launches free online training in industrial robot programming

The Construct launches Robot Operating System courses

the construct ros course

The Construct has launched its first Robot Operating System Navigation course. 

Beginning on February 13, the one-week training course includes direct, individualised guidance from experienced tutors.

The course can be undertaken online, through the web, or in Barcelona – if you’re lucky enough to live in Barcelona.

The Construct also said it has now opened enrolment to its ROS in a Single Week course, aimed at starters.

The company says the course is “entirely practical ROS training”, which integrates theory and practice. Participants learn by programming different simulated robots and full integrated development environment.

That course, too, can be done online or in person, if you fly over to Barcelona, Spain.

Yaskawa launches free online video training course


Yaskawa, one of the world’s largest robot manufacturers with around 400,000 industrial robots installed worldwide, has introduced a free video training course. 

The company says on its website: “These self-guided video training tutorial series are available at no charge and can be taken at any time without enrollment.”

Yaskawa adds that the training course includes opportunities for students to connect to a real Yaskawa automation product demonstration unit. The demonstration unit is based in the US, and connection is through the internet.