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MassRobotics opens shared robotics innovation space


Emerging robotics startups now have a space to call their own in Massachusetts.

MassRobotics, an independent, non-profit hub serving to inspire and bring robotics startups, initiatives and investments to life, is opening its initial office, laboratory and test space.

The collaborative workspace includes the labs and equipment needed to help young robotics companies develop and scale their concepts and prototypes. 

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Startup launches desktop robot selling for less than $300

ufactory uarm robot

These days, it seems barely a week goes by without someone somewhere building a robotic arm of some description. 

Using components which can be bought from almost anywhere online, and chipsets such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, the “makers” of the world are launching more and more sophisticated pieces of equipment.

While there are internationally agreed codes about what defines a true “collaborative” robot and other industrial-standard machines, startups are bypassing those specifications and releasing products which may eventually require some sort of regulation of their own. 

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Investing in robotics: Will ‘makers’ make a difference in the established industry?


In this part of our series of articles about investing in robotics and automation, Brian Gahsman, managing partner and chief investment officer at GBSfunds, gives his view of how new inventors can change the market and what his company, Gahsman Branton, is interested in investing in 

Check out realtime stock prices for companies in the robotics, automation and relating computing sectors

Robotics and Automation News: More “maker” and startup companies seem able to produce robotics and automation technology. How will this affect the market? 

Brian Gahsman: We are barely on the cusp of seeing the flood of startups that will enter this space. Now that the technology is at a point of cost effectiveness many who for decades were only hobbyists now have the ability to bring their creations to the market.

As that trend increases so will the rate of M&A activity which we are already seeing with companies like Kuka as well as the recent acquisition of SLM Solutions and Arcam by GE in attempt to corner the market in metal based additive 3D printing. 

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Startup company claims it has developed ‘the world’s best’ all-in-one Arduino-based platform

A startup company has released an Arduino-based, open-source prototyping platform which can be used to build autonomous vehicles and robotic arms as well as home automation systems. 

Called Evive – and stylised as evive – the electronic prototyping platform has been raising funds on Indiegogo, reaching 75 per cent of the way to its goal of $30,000.

In exclusive comments to Robotics and Automation News, Akshat Agarwal, CTO and co-founder, says: “Evive is an Arduino based open-source platform for learning and prototyping electronics circuits, creating robots and hacking together IoT solutions. It has been designed as a one-stop solution for the student, hobbyist and maker communities.” 

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