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Prefabricated construction using robots set to increase in next few years


Prefabricated construction is where the individual components and parts of a building are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the building site and assembled together to form the final house or commercial building, or whatever it may be. 

This construction technique or methodology has been around for quite some time and its proponents have probably often wondered why it doesn’t become the main way dwellings and office blocks are built.

Its supporters say it reduces the costs of construction significantly and enables more accuracy and quality in the final building process. 

Dana to supply driveshaft assemblies and motion systems for New York Wheel

new york wheel

Photo credits: S9 Architecture / Perkins Eastman

New York City is planning to construct what will be the world’s largest ferris wheel, and a company called Dana is providing the crucial components.

Dana announced that it is providing driveshaft assemblies and gearboxes for the New York Wheel – which will be the world’s tallest observation wheel.

This attraction is currently under construction on the north shore of Staten Island in New York City and will stand 630 feet (192 meters) high when completed in early 2018. 

Construction: Interference could undermine development of crane technology

crane collapse

Keith Armstrong, worldwide electromagnetic compatibility specialist at EMC Standards, looks at problems with electrical interference and how construction managers can minimise their risk

Cranes are synonymous with the idea of development. Typically used to construct buildings, cranes aid the economic and social development of a town or city. However, cranes suffer from a persistent problem that is indicative of a significant threat to the future of technology: interference.

In the early days of the UK Department of Trade and Industry’s EMC Awareness Campaign, there was an infamous incident where a man was crushed to death by a crane. In this case, electrical interference caused the crane to prematurely release its load while the man was operating it with his radio-control pendant. Unfortunately, this tragedy is not an isolated incident.

There was another incident with a company that claimed to have made the controls and drives for the first large scale hovercraft-testing tank in the late 1960s. It was, in effect, a sophisticated travelling overhead crane, which ran the length of a gantry along overhead rails and towed a hovercraft shape along a large pool of water in an even larger building. In those days, they used resistor-transistor logic, which ran on a 40 V rail to provide noise immunity.

Robore Cuts tests Husqvarna’s demolition robot

husqvarna dxr 140

The Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot tears down the Bloomsbury Theatre

Company puts Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot through its paces on a construction site 

Robore Cuts – a diamond drilling, cutting and controlled demolition specialist – has put its expertise to precise effect by demolishing a fire escape within the University College of London – Bloomsbury Theatre.

Strict noise and vibration controls were being enforced, therefore they turned to Husqvarna’s DXR 140 Demolition Robot to complete the work on time and within the restrictions stipulated.

Robore Cuts provides a specialist diamond drilling, sawing and controlled demolition contractor service to the construction industry both nationally and internationally. 

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