Autani adds EnOcean devices to IoT space


Autani, a provider of building controls and IoT, has added EnOcean enabled device support to its EnergyCenter building management platform.

Devices from a wide range of EnOcean Alliance partners can now be used to switch and dim lighting, respond to motion and daylighting sensors, and interface with an array of building controls through the EnergyCenter platform.

EnergyCenter users can now integrate more types of devices than ever before into their systems for a truly comprehensive and user-friendly energy management platform.  Continue reading Autani adds EnOcean devices to IoT space

Fully autonomous security robot prepares to terrify intruders

gamma 2 robotics NBOT6-1024x508

Gamma 2 Robotics launches Ramsee, a fully autonomous security robot, in partnership with Hexagon 

Gamma 2 Robotics, which claims to be the maker of the world’s first artificially intelligent autonomous security robots, has launched Ramsee, a new security patrol robot, at HxGN Live, Hexagon’s international conference.

The launch at HxGN Live is part of a new partnership with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, which claims to be “the global leader in public safety and security solutions”.

Ramsee is a physical robot that patrols autonomously without supervision and provides real-time data on intruders, motion, heat, fire, smoke, gas and more. As a human-machine interface it creates a powerful force multiplier, says Gamma 2.  Continue reading Fully autonomous security robot prepares to terrify intruders

Robore Cuts tests Husqvarna’s demolition robot

husqvarna dxr 140
The Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot tears down the Bloomsbury Theatre

Company puts Husqvarna DXR 140 demolition robot through its paces on a construction site 

Robore Cuts – a diamond drilling, cutting and controlled demolition specialist – has put its expertise to precise effect by demolishing a fire escape within the University College of London – Bloomsbury Theatre.

Strict noise and vibration controls were being enforced, therefore they turned to Husqvarna’s DXR 140 Demolition Robot to complete the work on time and within the restrictions stipulated.

Robore Cuts provides a specialist diamond drilling, sawing and controlled demolition contractor service to the construction industry both nationally and internationally.  Continue reading Robore Cuts tests Husqvarna’s demolition robot

Smart homes: Sage by Hughes now works with Nest

sage hughes nest

Sage has entered into a partnership with Nest on smart home technology products

Sage by Hughes security and smart home system now works with the Nest Cam security camera, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

By working with Nest, Sage says it can expand the lineup of options available to its users and “bring the intelligence and convenience of Nest products to the television – all from the comfort of the user’s couch”.  Continue reading Smart homes: Sage by Hughes now works with Nest

Legrand showcases new integrated architectural lighting solutions

legrand architectural lighting

Legrand has demonstrated its newest solutions from leading product lines Wattstopper, Vantage and QMotion at Lightfair International.

Legrand presented its architectural dimming and integration platform, which demonstrates how all three brands have combined their respective areas of expertise in architectural dimming, automated lighting, and shading solutions to create one ultimate system to meet customer objectives and deliver on the end-user experience.

Products in the architectural dimming platform include the Lighting Control and Automation Panel (LCAP) series and a range of unique interfaces and modules.  Continue reading Legrand showcases new integrated architectural lighting solutions

Most people don’t know what a smart city is, say engineers

future world
What the future might look like

IET calls for public engagement campaign around benefits of new technology

Only 18 per cent of the British public has heard of a “smart city”, according to research carried out by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The research is reported in a new IET report, Smart Cities – Time to involve the people, which also reveals low interest in the technologies typically associated with smart cities. For example, only 8 per cent saw a value in being able to order driverless or electric transport from their smart phone.

Cities’ adoption of new technologies has traditionally involved little consultation with consumers. As a result, the report suggests that the public has yet to buy into the idea of smart cities – and be convinced of the value and benefits that technology, delivered on a city-scale, could bring to their daily lives.

New disruptive technologies and applications such as Uber (on-demand taxi services) and Airbnb (online accommodation service) may help to change hearts and minds, but the findings suggest there is still some way to go.  Continue reading Most people don’t know what a smart city is, say engineers

EchoStar launches new smart home system

echostar sage

EchoStar Technologies has launched its new Sage by Hughes security and smart home system.

EchoStar describes Sage as “a secure, affordable, flexible and easy-to-use security and smart home solution” that can be controlled from the TV and an app on iOS or Android mobile devices.

The Sage Hub, which connects through any video source via HDMI to the TV, creates a video-centric smart home control system at the center of the home.

To support the product launch, EchoStar is rolling out Sage’s Easy Is Awesome marketing campaign across the US in various print, digital and out-of-home media outlets.

Continue reading EchoStar launches new smart home system

Taylor Morrison and Legrand ‘revolutionize’ home automation

taylor morrison interactive home 2

Taylor Morrison, a US homebuilder and developer, and Legrand, a high-performance network infrastructure hardware company, have partnered to “revolutionize household automation” through the launch of Taylor Morrison’s newest high-tech product, the Interactive Home 2.0.

The new Interactive Home 2.0 features Intuity Home Intelligence, an intuitive home automation system by Legrand. With its in-wall interface and applications for tablets and mobile devices, users can effortlessly control their comfort, security, lighting and entertainment within their homes.

The Intuity Home Intelligence system takes in-home automation to the next level with innovative features that enhance the homeowner’s ability to connect and customize their living experience. Continue reading Taylor Morrison and Legrand ‘revolutionize’ home automation

ABB integrates building automation into Microsoft’s Danish offices

abb knx
The Microsoft offices in Denmark where ABB has installed its KNX building automation system

Company claims to have sold its KNX intelligent building products to thousands of others already 

ABB has supplied a number of its building automation solutions, including daylight harvesting, to “increase the energy efficiency and comfort” for new Microsoft offices near Copenhagen, Denmark.

ABB’s KNX building control platform is used in several thousand installations worldwide, claims the company.

It utilizes what it calls “the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP)” to adapt control functions in line with the natural rhythm of the day.  Continue reading ABB integrates building automation into Microsoft’s Danish offices

NXP adds Apple HomeKit support to its SDK

apple homekit

NXP Semiconductors has upgraded its Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs) to offer support for home automation applications using Apple HomeKit technology.

Utilising the performance and Bluetooth Smart connectivity of NXP’s Kinetis products, the solution streamlines development for a wide range of HomeKit compatible products.

HomeKit is a framework in iOS that lets accessories connect seamlessly so people can better manage their homes. It offers a set of common protocols which enable accessories to work together easily and securely, and allows consumers to control them simply using Siri.  Continue reading NXP adds Apple HomeKit support to its SDK

Bosch moves into intelligent buildings market with new technologies


Bosch is launching a range of intelligently connected solutions for commercial buildings and homes. Bosch says its products energy and building technology enhances comfort, safety and security, saves energy, and reduces operating costs. To this end, the supplier of technology and services is focusing on connectivity via the internet of things (IoT).

Bosch is releasing its building management system known as BIS (building integration system), which combines all the security systems of a building on one platform: video surveillance, fire-alarm and evacuation systems, intrusion-alarm technology, and access control. Building technology used to open and close barriers, gates, and doors, for example, can also be controlled with BIS.  Continue reading Bosch moves into intelligent buildings market with new technologies

Study reveals how the way we live will change in the next 100 years

A team of leading academics has made a number of predictions for how we will live in the future. Many of the predictions were influenced by environmental conditions, with growing populations leading to the development of structures that are better able to cope with space constraints and diminishing resources.

Super-skyscrapers which will dwarf the Shard, underwater bubble cities and origami furniture are all likely to be reality in 100 years’ time. That’s the verdict of the new study which paints a vivid picture of our future lives; suggesting the way we live, work and play will change beyond all recognition over the course of the next century.

The SmartThings Future Living Report was authored by a team of leading academics including TV presenter and one of the UK’s leading space scientists, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, award-winning futurist architects and lecturers at the University of Westminster Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess, as well as pioneering urbanists Linda Aitken and Els Leclerq. Continue reading Study reveals how the way we live will change in the next 100 years