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‘We need a different future where the world of machines and intelligent robots will give us more’

The SelfieBot by Endurance Robots

The SelfieBot by Endurance Robots

By George Formitchev

Ray Kurzweil said that one day we’ll become hemi hybrids – demi humans, demi cyborgs…  

I want it to happen as soon as possible.

It’s all about information.

It’s growing with every passing day. It takes more and more time to uptake and process this massive data. So less free time remains.  Robots could provide us a strong support in processing, structuring and memorizing new information.

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Mantaro launches ‘rugged’ telepresence robot for industrial settings

mantaro telepresence robot teletrak

Mantaro says its MantaroBot TeleTrak telepresence robot is designed for rugged industrial, manufacturing and construction environments

Mantaro, a developer of mobile telepresence products, has launched a new addition to the MantaroBot TelePresence Robot lineup, the MantaroBot TeleTrak.

With the introduction of a tracked based drive system, Mantaro says the user can drive the TeleTrak to monitor projects in rugged terrain and dynamic environments remotely, locations they could not do so before. 

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Lowe’s store bosses hire Fellow robot workers

LoweBot, a NAVii autonomous retail service robot by Fellow Robots

Lowe’s, the home improvement and hradware store chain, has hired a robot shop assistant it developed with Fellow Robots. The company says LoweBot will enhance the shopping experience for customers.

LoweBot was developed through a partnership between Fellow Robots and Lowe’s Innovation Labs, and the companies say it explores how intelligent help can meet the needs of customers and employees.

Lowe’s will introduce LoweBot in fall, later this year.

LoweBot is part of the Navii autonomous retail service robot series by Fellow Robots, and will be in 11 Lowe’s stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area. 

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Accenture and SoftBank Robotics combine to offer insight into future of customer relations

Accenture’s Peter Lacy with Pepper the robot

Accenture’s Peter Lacy with Pepper the robot

In the future, all customer relations could be managed by robots. That’s what science fiction films have been telling us for decades. And now, perhaps more than ever, that vision is becoming more real than ever. 

As part of a newly announced collaboration with SoftBank Robotics to reimagine the future of digital customer interactions, Accenture Interactive demonstrated a new prototype based on the Pepper robot in Paris at Pepper Partners Europe event during InnoRobo (May 24-26), one of the world’s largest robotics events.

Pepper is the ground-breaking humanoid robot with the ability to read emotions that was developed by Softbank Robotics (previously Aldebaran Robotics) and first introduced in Japan in 2014.

The enhanced Pepper-based platform blends human and artificial intelligence, provided by Accenture Interactive, to deliver omni-channel customer service and commerce capabilities – including social media, mobile and in-store applications. 

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University spin-out company with Sebastian Conran to develop next generation of robots

sheffield university MiRo_robot2_main

A new company has been formed to bring next generation assistive and companion robots to market by combining University-developed robotics research with the best of British design.

Consequential Robotics has been co-founded by the award-winning designer Sebastian Conran, together with Professor Tony Prescott and Dr Ben Mitchinson from the University of Sheffield.

The company’s main focus will be to develop companion and assistive robotic systems that will enhance quality of life as people age.

From the University-side the company will build on 20 years of research developing robots that behave in a life-like way and that use control systems modelled on the brain. 

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