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New report highlights 5G opportunities for operators

ADL 5G_Rollout_models

New business models are emerging as enterprises and solution providers get ready for the next generation of mobile networks, according to a new report. 

In its latest report, 5G Deployment Models Are Crystallizing, Arthur D. Little examines the opportunities that exist for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems enabled by the next generation of mobile networks.

Promising huge increases in speed and bandwidth, 5G has the potential to deliver a vast array of realistic, interactive experiences to consumers, for example, in the areas of immersive games and sports viewing, autonomous driving and augmented reality infotainment, with use cases currently being built. 

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5G telecommunications networks being constructed in many places around the world


Fifth generation mobile telecommunication networks – or 5G – are being created in many places around the world, including the US, China and Europe. 

Currently, the majority of mobile device users access either 3G or 4G networks, which both have significantly lower data rates than 5G.

The table below has some basic numbers for how fast each network is – in megabits per second – and dates of when they were operational, or in the case of 5G when it will be. 

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Seven things to pay attention to when choosing a CDN vendor


When your site is a slow one, you’re usually recommended to use a Content Delivery Network as it’s considered to be one of the most effective ways to speed up websites. However, it’s not the only benefit you’ll get when applying for CDN services.

Today, we’re going to discuss the main reasons to use a CDN and will give you some tips on how to choose the best CDN vendor. 

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What type of users require VPN services?

Everyone who wishes to protect own identity, location and personal data should carefully think about addressing reliable VPN provider and make everything possible to ensure online safety at home and in the office.

Safe online environment is a must for users who fit the following categories:

  • often make online payments. Online payments services have a lot of sensible data and may have a leakage due to poorly protected networks. Travellers use such services on daily basis and rely on e-wallets greatly, therefore, may be left without access to their money in a foreign country due to hacker’s activity;
  • visitors of public places who love to use free Wi-Fi. Hackers enjoy attending such places as well – here there are a lot of easy targets – students, travellers. Most of them are using smartphone and providing thieves with credit cards numbers, passwords, access to private chats and correspondence. Any smartphone will automatically connect to public network and allows snoopers to monitor users’ online activity. It is hard to avoid such places with free Wi-Fi – business centres, airports, hotels, restaurants all have available Internet access;
  • cloud users also risking to lose all data stored in there; and
  • torrents also can lead to IP address leakage, as well as infected with malware.

Apart from these obvious benefits, here are other advantages of using VPN protection:

  1. Afraid of missing favourite game or show while traveling? After choosing one of the best VPNs every client is allowed access to popular streaming content as Netflix, Spotify and many more. It is known that numerous countries block such websites as well as social networks. Moreover, online activity can be closely monitored;
  2. Using VPN apps it is much safer to use public Wi-Fi; and
  3. Another benefit for travellers, foreign students or anyone who has friends or relatives abroad – saving money on VOIP calls by changing the country of the call making it domestic.

best vpn 1

Main objective of every VPN service

VPN service is invaluable when working remotely as allows safe access to another network as well as when want to protect personal online environment.

The first thing this software hides is client’s IP address and this feature is crucial as every app we use and website we visit reads user’s IP and gets a lot of information such as approximate location, internet provider, used browser and operating system and many more.

In case user has unencrypted connection any information can be intercepted: personal correspondence, chats, shared files, banking details, corporate documentation and more.

In order to create safe working environment, VPN is tunnelling all clients’ activities and creates encrypted connection between any user’s device and the VPN server. Various types of security protocols are used to ensure highest level of protection and maintaining online privacy.

best vpn 2

Prices for these services are affordable and there is no need to postpone such important decision.


Network Monitoring Software: How Does it Work?

softinventive network monitoring software for windows

When we speak of network monitoring, we mean the use of special tools that help the network administrator keep his or her eye on a corporate network.

In fact, the main task of these tools is to find the components in the network that function slowly or have completely stopped performing and send a notification about it to the person in charge.

Of course, network monitoring can be done manually. However, it’s nearly impossible to do this job properly without special tools called software network monitoring tools. 

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SCADA systems: Security – industry’s second nature


Martyn Williams, Managing Director of industrial software provider Copa-Data UK, discusses the latest developments in industrial cyber security

When hackers hijacked the electrical systems of three major Ukrainian power distributors back in December 2015, over 230,000 people were left without power for several hours.

The uncertainty caused by the attack lasted much longer, especially since employees in both engineering and IT teams alike were initially unclear about how the hackers managed to infiltrate the system.

The scale and severity of this incident illustrated, yet again, how important it is for companies to secure their cyber systems at all levels.

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Command and control rooms: Navigating the internet of things

spock kirk bridge

“Sensor readings, Mr Spock” … “Captain, you must make me believe in luck”

lockWho doesn’t want a control room of their own? If you grew up watching the original Star Trek series, you still might warm to the idea of something similar to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, which wouldn’t be bad at all. 

But, sadly, things have moved on.

Star Trek may have been decades ahead of its time – demonstrating such technologies as tablet computers, flip-top mobile communicators, and of course a truly space-age command and control room – but reality has now almost caught up with the visions of the sci-fi show’s creators.

Today’s command and control rooms may still have some of the basic elements of what we saw on the Enterprise bridge, but they’re a lot more complex and sophisticated, although that’s not for an absolute certainty since we don’t have warp speed to deal with yet. 

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New RF connector system for small cells to debut at Electronica 2016


Library photo of Huber+Suhner connectors

Huber+Suhner, in partnership with Radiall and Rosenberger, is developing a new RF connector system for small cell applications, which will make its debut at Electronica 2016. 

As the telecommunications industry moves towards smaller equipment and small cell approach, the radios and antennas also become more compact demanding high-performing coaxial RF connectors in a small size.

By joining the expertise of three leading RF connector manufacturers in the telecommunications industry, the target has been to develop a small coaxial connector system which will meet existing and future demands of small cell networks for 4G and upcoming 5G networks. 

Boulting claims to be one of the ‘guardians of industrial networks galaxy’


Boulting Technology has launched what it says is a comprehensive and dedicated industrial network service, which includes consultancy, feasibility testing, network design, implementation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Boulting Technology specialises in performance-driven, secure, customised industrial network solutions in the operation technology space that facilitate migration from legacy systems and seamless integration into the IT space.

Boulting claims to be one of the guardians of industrial networks galaxy, adding that it has a strong portfolio of industrial network solutions projects in the utilities, transport and manufacturing sectors, which has delivered innovative, customer-led, business enabling solutions for over 10 years. 

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Protecting connected manufacturing: Three steps to industrial internet security

copa-data Automotive_Bodyshop

Martyn Williams, managing director of industrial automation software supplier, Copa-Data UK, discusses three steps manufacturers should take to stay safe in the cloud

You wouldn’t allow an intruder to spend 229 days in your house undetected, so why would you do that with your manufacturing facility?

As incredible as that sounds, the average time between a cyber security breach and its detection is 229 days. Manufacturing facilities are leading the list of potential targets for cyber espionage, denial of service (DoS) and web-application attacks.

As the manufacturing sector moves towards industrial automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, the number and nature of cyber threats is also growing. A decade ago, user security was the IT department’s responsibility. 

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Be part of our new publication: Industrial Internet


Contribute articles and advertise in our new digital publication

Robotics and Automation News is planning a new ebook with the working title Industrial Internet.

The digital publication will be distributed through Apple and Amazon stores. Moreover, advertisers and commercial partners will have their content featured on the website and Sensor Data, the accompanying newsletter.

The publication is planned to contain features about the following subjects:

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Machine-to-Machine Networks
  • Industrial Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Industrial Computers
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Control Systems
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Ethernet
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart Factories
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Management

These are the subjects which are planned. However, it partly depends on you. If you are interested in other subjects we have not listed, contact us and let us know.

If you would like to be featured within any of the features listed or any new ones we develop in co-operation with you, we can agree a structure for a commercial partnership.

An example of a typical partnership would be: Article and Advertising package – from $500.

For more information, contact us: sales[at]


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Tripwire launches cyber security solution for industrial automation

Tripwire says its new solution provides unified visibility for networks, endpoints and controllers in manufacturing environments 

Tripwire, a provider of endpoint detection and response, security, compliance and IT operations solutions, has launched a cyber security solution tailored to the requirements of industrial automation. 

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) now supports ANSI / ISA-62443, a global standard for securing industrial  automation systems, controllers, and associated networking equipment configurations.

The company says Tripwire CCM can now reduce cyber security risks from external attacks, malicious insiders and human error while protecting critical infrastructure reliability, uptime and safety of industrial automation and manufacturing environments.  

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The great migration: cloud computing for smart manufacturing

smart factory illustration

Martyn Williams, managing director at Copa-Data UK, discusses “unlocking the value of cross-facility data sets” through cloud computing for smart manufacturing

According to an industry survey by IBM, two thirds of mid-sized companies have already implemented – or are currently considering – a cloud based storage model for their organisation.

The analytic advantages of cloud computing in industry are no secret, in fact, 70 per cent of these cloud-using respondents said they were actively pursuing cloud-based analytics to gleam greater insights and efficiency in order to achieve business goals. 

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The IoT brings industry revolution and risk at the same time

Industrial control systems could become more vulnerable to cyberattack as they become more connected through the industrial internet of things

Industrial control systems could become more vulnerable to cyberattack as they become more connected through the industrial internet of things

The internet of things is enabling industry to connect individual robotic and automated work cells with other similar cells to create multicellular organisms within what could now be referred to as “smart factories”, particularly as the factory building itself can be connected to those multicellular organisms operating within its walls. 

Not only that, those smart factories can themselves be connected to other smart factories within the body of the industrial company’s entire estate, which itself is all wired up to what could be called a central nervous system.

Yes, industrial control systems are going through an evolutionary phase the like of which has never been seen before in industry, all brought about by the IoT. 

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ICINCO conference to showcase global expertise in data science

The 13th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics – ICINCO 2016 

The Thirteenth International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO), will take place from 29 to 31 of July 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Organized by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC), the purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the application of informatics to control, automation and robotics. 

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