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New report highlights 5G opportunities for operators

ADL 5G_Rollout_models

New business models are emerging as enterprises and solution providers get ready for the next generation of mobile networks, according to a new report. 

In its latest report, 5G Deployment Models Are Crystallizing, Arthur D. Little examines the opportunities that exist for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems enabled by the next generation of mobile networks.

Promising huge increases in speed and bandwidth, 5G has the potential to deliver a vast array of realistic, interactive experiences to consumers, for example, in the areas of immersive games and sports viewing, autonomous driving and augmented reality infotainment, with use cases currently being built. 

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5G telecommunications networks being constructed in many places around the world


Fifth generation mobile telecommunication networks – or 5G – are being created in many places around the world, including the US, China and Europe. 

Currently, the majority of mobile device users access either 3G or 4G networks, which both have significantly lower data rates than 5G.

The table below has some basic numbers for how fast each network is – in megabits per second – and dates of when they were operational, or in the case of 5G when it will be. 

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Qualcomm says it’s producing 1 million chips a day for IoT applications

qualcomm board

Qualcomm says it is currently shipping more than 1 million chips per day for the internet of things. 

The company made the announcement at its IoT industry analyst workshop.

The company says its production momentum reflects Qualcomm’s “unique ability to invent and deliver the technologies needed for the IoT, and to meet challenging customer requirements for interoperability, connectivity, compute and security”. 

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Kuka agrees deal with Beet on IoT

beet analytics video still

Kuka has agreed a deal with Beet Analytics as part of robot maker’s Industrie 4.0 strategy.

Kuka will now be able to offer Beet’s industrial IoT technology as another tool in their Industrie 4.0 eco-system and to offer Beet technology on Kuka solutions.

Ronny Chiang, president Beet analytics technology, says: “We are excited to work with Kuka, whose global industrial leadership in automation systems will further strengthen Beet’s presence in the global market. This will allow OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to access Beet IoT solutions with a respected and established leader standing behind it.” 

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SAP and Kuka partner to design the ‘factory of the future’

sap leonardo iot platform

SAP and Kuka say they will work together around Industrial 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop more flexible and automated production processes.

Both companies want to collaborate, particularly in the areas of manufacturing, mechanical engineering and the automotive sector.

The integration of Kuka robots into SAP’s digital manufacturing is based on standard protocols such as OPC Unified Architecture.

In addition, Kuka and SAP plan to provide Kuka robot applications based on the SAP Leonardo IoT platform

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Bosch partners with IBM for IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications

bosch_ibm iot

Bosch IoT Suite Services available on IBM Bluemix and Watson IoT platform

IBM and Bosch are to cooperate in the area of Internet of Things and industry 4.0.

The aim of the partnership is to provide customers with software-based services of the Bosch IoT Suite via the open standards-based platforms IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson IoT platform.

This allows millions of networked IoT devices to be efficiently updated. 

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Keeping costs down: The lion’s share of IoT communication

IoT compatbility for legacy systems

Adrian Swindells, director of industrial computing specialist Distec, explores how businesses can keep the cost of IoT implementation to a minimum

One of the biggest bugbears of plant managers is the cost of upgrading or replacing devices and equipment.

While this has traditionally only occurred due to a breakage, the rise of the internet of things has driven a need for cross-compatible equipment – in most cases calling for the costly replacement of legacy systems to ensure communication.

Whether you think of it as industry 4.0 or the IoT, the concept of machine to machine internetworking is undeniably the most talked about technological development of recent times.

In fact, forecasts have predicted the market for the IoT to be worth $14.4 trillion by 2022

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Wipro joins Industrial Internet Consortium

industrial internet consortium

Wipro has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things.

This membership provides Wipro opportunities to engage and innovate with multi-partner testbeds and adopt best practices to drive digital transformation for customers.

Wipro has significant actitivties in the Internet of Things space, leveraging connected assets for the transformation of enterprise business, services and processes. IoT is a key enabler of Wipro Digital’s transformation strategy for its customers. 

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How supply chain professionals can help create a smart factory 


Bob Davies, international operations manager of obsolete components supplier, EU Automation, discusses the role the smart supply chain plays in the factory of the future 

In the animal kingdom many animals store food to see them through the difficult winter period, but in the case of the Gray Squirrel it has been shown that 74 per cent of their buried stores fail to be recovered.

In the age of accelerated industrial obsolescence, some manufacturers have taken a similar approach, stockpiling spare parts for their industrial automation systems in case of equipment failure later on. Using a more modern approach can streamline this process by maximising factory space and minimising waste.

When German industrialists created the concept of Industry 4.0, they played heavily on the idea of the smart factory, in which the whole facility is integrated, connected, intelligent analytics orientated and focussed on reducing downtime and waste. 

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Avid Technology launches new predictive maintenance system for vehicle fleet operators

Giles Johnston (left), Avid business improvement consultant, with Avid managing director, Ryan Maughan

Giles Johnston (left), Avid business improvement consultant, with Avid managing director, Ryan Maughan

North East England based automotive cleantech firm Avid Technology has launched a new system for the fleet maintenance industry to help bus operators solve the ongoing quest for efficiency.

Avid says its three new fleet service products – Smart Speed, Smart Shield and Smart Spanner – are designed to reduce costs, boost productivity and improve service delivery and safety.

The entire system is based on the principles of what the company calls “Total Preventative Maintenance”, which it says is used widely to improve the effectiveness of manufacturing operations across the world. 

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Command and control rooms: Navigating the internet of things

spock kirk bridge

“Sensor readings, Mr Spock” … “Captain, you must make me believe in luck”

lockWho doesn’t want a control room of their own? If you grew up watching the original Star Trek series, you still might warm to the idea of something similar to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, which wouldn’t be bad at all. 

But, sadly, things have moved on.

Star Trek may have been decades ahead of its time – demonstrating such technologies as tablet computers, flip-top mobile communicators, and of course a truly space-age command and control room – but reality has now almost caught up with the visions of the sci-fi show’s creators.

Today’s command and control rooms may still have some of the basic elements of what we saw on the Enterprise bridge, but they’re a lot more complex and sophisticated, although that’s not for an absolute certainty since we don’t have warp speed to deal with yet. 

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Industrial internet: Advantech joins LoRa Alliance


Advantech, which claims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial computers and “intelligent systems”, has joined the LoRa Alliance. 

The LoRa Alliance is open, non-profit association which provides a forum for its 400 members to develop standards for internet of things technologies.

Advantech says it will provide the LoRa gateway and sensor node devices based on the open standard for Industry 4.0 and Smart City applications. 

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SAP launches new cloud-based manufacturing solution

sap manufacturing execution

Software giant SAP has launched its new Manufacturing Execution application on its Hana Enterprise Cloud, which the company says is a “fully scalable and secure private cloud service”.

SAP says the new software helps manufacturers “embrace Industry 4.0 automation” and process high volumes of data from sensors and devices from the Internet of Things in a real-time cloud delivery environment that can simplify implementation and improve time to value at lower cost.

SAP Manufacturing Execution in the cloud helps manufacturers connect, monitor and tightly control operations, says the company, adding that it facilitates Industry 4.0 strategies by “integrating with business and manufacturing processes to enable efficient, high-quality production on the shop floor”. 

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IoT Tech Expo Global 2017 lines up keynote speakers

iot tech expo global 2017

The IoT Tech Expo Global conference has announced keynote speakers for the upcoming global event in London 2017. 

Taking place on January 23-24th at the Olympia venue, the event will feature keynote speakers from the likes of Shell, Rolls-Royce, SSE, Maersk, Thyssenkrupp, Sky, Nest, Ford, Heathrow Airport and more.

The two-day event will cover a range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare, transportation to government, logistics to retail, with a total of 7 conference tracks covering the entire Internet of Things ecosystem. 

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Opinion: Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing – but the cyber threats are increasing


By Mirko Brandner, technical manager, Arxan Technologies 

If you attended this years’ Hannover Messe, the leading international trade fair for industrial technology, you will have seen fully developed “Industry 4.0” techniques on demonstration. Coined at the Hannover Messe five years ago, Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revelation, driven by data and automation.

This futuristic idea has now become a reality and these new techniques are leading the way to a fully digitised, intelligent manufacturing plant. Mobile ultrasound measuring devices for foresighted machine maintenance, smart liquid analysis, driverless forklifts and even collaborating robots – these were just a few of the new systems and equipment on show.

To remain competitive, companies need to embrace digitisation. The fusion of IT and automated engineering has resulted in intelligent collaboration of all components involved in the production process, this promises an increase in efficiency, flexible resource management and the individualisation of mass production. 

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