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Robo-advisor platform aimed at small investors launched

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A financial services company called Ladenburg Thalmann has launched a robo-adviser called $ymbil, apparently aimed at small investors. 

The company describes it as a self-service investment platform that matches clients of Ladenburg affiliated advisors to a diversified portfolio consistent with their personal risk tolerance. Requiring a minimum investment of $500, $ymbil allows clients to fund their accounts and start investing in minutes.

“With $ymbil, we are helping advisors address the growing demand for wealth management services that harness the combined benefits of automation and human insight,” said Adam Malamed, Ladenburg’s chief operating officer. “$ymbil appeals to financial advisors and investors looking to maximize the benefits of technology with automated client registration, account administration, reporting and operational efficiencies.” 

Investment industry embraces and fears robo-advisors – but bionic advisor may be the better answer

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High net worth investors need and want human advice backed by technology for better recommendations, reporting and access, says InvestEdge

The future of investment advice isn’t a battle of man versus machine, according to a commentary from InvestEdge.

The investment industry is excited – and fearful – about the rise of “robo-advisors”, systems that give automated investment advice. Robo-advisors offer investors lower costs and minimums, and some worry they will wipe out traditional “human” investment guidance.

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