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Investing in robotics and automation: Why bother?


In the second of our new series of articles about investing in robotics and automation, Brian Gahsman, managing partner and chief investment officer at GBSfunds, explains why his company, Gahsman Branton, is interested in investing in the robotics and automation market 

Source: Gahsman Branton 

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Robotics and Automation News: What is it about investing in the robotics and automation sector you find attractive?

Brian Gahsman: Years ago, one of my main focuses of investment was biotechnology and life sciences. During this time my research led me a couple of companies:

  1. Intuitive Surgical, which created the da Vinci robotic surgical system; and
  2. Organovo (main picture), whose technology is in the field of creating human organs from their proprietary biological 3D printing system.

I was fascinated by these companies’ seemingly game-changing technologies. I began exploring other companies worldwide involved in robotics and automation and found that these companies spanning multiple industries and sectors have emerged to become an entire industry group in itself and potentially an outperforming investment theme. 

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