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American workers sleepwalking into automated obscurity, says new report

robot replaces human

Picture courtesy of Challenge Magazine

Despite an endless stream of stories in the media warning of humanity’s impending irrelevance in an automated future, it seems American workers remain rather blasé about the prospect of being automated out of existence in the workplace. 

New research by Randstad US contradicts many reports that American workers fear losing their job due to automation.

The 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research found that only 14 percent of US employees worry that automation will take their job away, and nearly one-third (30 per cent) say they think automation will make their job better. 

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Government incentives driving growth of Malaysian automation and control systems market, says report

malaysian factory robot

A factory in Malaysia. Picture courtesy of The Malay Mail Online

Government incentives and adoption of new technologies are driving the growth of the Malaysian automation and control systems market, according to a new report.

The Malaysian automation and control systems market, one of the biggest for suppliers, is stable and growing, says the study by Frost & Sullivan, which projects the market to be worth more than $409 million in the next four years.

Government incentives to aid manufacturing and infrastructure spend, as well as an established end-user base of sophisticated automation systems, are driving growth in the region. 

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Americans positive about future of manufacturing but wouldn’t want to work in it

manufacturing usa deloitte report

Americans are optimistic about the future of manufacturing despite saying they wouldn’t want to work in the sector. 

The US manufacturing industry suffers from an important image problem that undermines its competitiveness, says a new opinion survey by Deloitte and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Only 50 per cent of Americans think manufacturing jobs are interesting and less than 30 per cent are likely to encourage their children to pursue a career. 

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Interview: Fast-moving robotics and automation market prompts updates to forecasts

apple homepod

The new Apple HomePod, the home automation device which mostly acts like a speaker and plays music

The global market for robotics and automation systems is growing so fast that it’s causing seasoned industry analysts to revise their forecasts. 

For example, the Boston Consulting Group released a report into the robotics which it has now updated with new numbers.

The causes of the reviews include the relatively new interest in personal robotics technology for the home, and the burgeoning market in collaborative robots for industry.

Another key development is the launch of the Apple HomePod, which, along with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, looks set to automate a huge number of homes to levels never seen before.

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Interview: Big data suggests there’s a trade war looming

Port of Los Angeles, in the US

Port of Los Angeles, in the US

One of the wonders of the modern, computerised world is the emergence of data science. Data science is, arguably, at the heart of most successful businesses today, and its favourite food is big data. 

For Panjiva, data science and big data enables it to keep track of virtually all goods moving from one country to another, with a particular emphasis on the US market.

But while it might sound straightforward to some, the actual collation and preparation of the data, and then the presentation of it, is not a simple process. 

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Books: Journeys into the minds of robots

book tunnel

Elsevier has released a couple of new books that take deep dive into the programming of robots. 

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Carnegie Mellon names one of its rooms after Leybold

leybold carnegie mellon

University marks inauguration of a Leybold Conference and Reception Room at Carnegie Mellon University Nanofabrication Facility

Being at the forefront of university research is very important for innovating next generation vacuum technology products.

As a local partner with Pittsburgh based Carnegie Mellon University, Leybold has been not only a supplier, but also a generous and benevolent sponsor for years.

As an acknowledgement for this close cooperation, the CMU community named one of the new conference center and reception rooms “Leybold” and celebrated this inauguration with a presentation and reception held at the CMU Nanofabrication Facility recently. 

China’s fast-growing automotive market presents opportunities for all

china Kunming_night

China’s auto market is creating “explosive growth opportunity” for companies prepared to adapt their approach, according to a new report by Gao Feng

The report, Rising Opportunities in China’s Automotive Independent Aftermarket, was produced by Bill Russo, Jason Zhang, Jackie Tang and Peter Hu.

The authors say China’s automotive market has “entered a new phase” which brings “enormous opportunities”. 

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Chinese government’s plan to grow robotics and automation industry seems to be working


Robot waiting staff at a restaurant in China. Picture courtesy:

China’s plan to expand the nation’s robotics and automation industry seems to be working, according to a new survey by

The website tracks robotics companies worldwide and editor Frank Tobe says he wrote about 194 robot companies in China in 2015, but now that number has more than doubled to greater than 500.

The Chinese government launched a “robot revolution” as part of its Made in China 2025 program a couple of years ago, partly because it has become the world’s biggest buyer of robots and would like some of those robots to be made by domestic companies. 

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This is the biggest infographic in the world ever

infographic – Where-next-for-car-technology

By Neil Tohill, director of Southside Motor Factors

This epic infographic outlines the extraordinary technological innovations that we are currently seeing, or can soon expect to see, on modern vehicles.

The concept of self-driving cars has been mooted for quite some time and has been a feature of sci-fi TV shows or cartoons speculatively casting an eye to the future.

In 2017, autonomous cars have become a distinct possibility, and while a fully autonomous vehicle is still a way off, we can now invest in cars which will let us kick back for most of a journey.

We’re also entering the area of holographic windscreens which can display key data that we would previously have needed to glance down at the dashboard to see.

These advances are remarkable when you think that it wasn’t so long ago since power steering and remote locking were perceived as fantastic innovations.

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Robotics and automation companies off to fast start since Trump’s inauguration

stock market

Market News Updates: Vision guided robotics and automated food retail technologies lead gainers on stock market

Since being inaugurated on January 20, 2017, President Donald Trump has pursued a policy of discouraging manufacturers from leaving the United States.

As a result, more businesses, large and small, have turned towards robotics technologies to keep labor costs down.

While this trend may sound alarming for the American worker, recent trends point to rising domestic employment in these industries that would otherwise exit American shores.

On the whole, investors positioned in companies pursuing robotic technologies are continuing to be rewarded as business continues to shift toward high tech business solutions, a trend that appears likely to continue. 

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Auto manufacturers refusing to take responsibility for their robot car failures, says campaign group

save image

Outspoken safety advocate says the same week in which Volkswagen pleaded guilty to felonies in connection with vast emissions deception, the automaker claimed it would stand on its record when it comes to autonomous vehicles

The Safe Autonomous Vehicles Campaign says that out of more than a dozen automakers it challenged to take responsibility for failures in their autonomous vehicle technology, only Volvo has publicly agreed to accept responsibility for their robot cars at some levels of automation.

Meanwhile, the campaign noted that VW, just days after pleading guilty to a massive effort to deceive customers, responded to the challenge by pledging that its “long track record … stand on its own merits”. 

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Echord++ produces new video showcasing its robotics research and development facilities

The European Coordination Hub for Open Robotics Development has been showcasing its innovation facilities through a new video.

The organisation likes to be known as Echord++ and offers funding to develop robotics technology for real use-cases.

The new video provides an insight of the group’s robotics innovation facilities, their technical equipment, application domains and services. 

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Elsevier launches four new academic books about robotics

library books

Elsevier has launched four new books in the area of robotics. 

The publisher says the books are “ideal” and “perfect” resources for researchers and practitioners in the relevant sectors. 

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Awesome infographic: Autonomous car market to reach $77 billion in 2025

jaguar art biennale

Get Off Road claims cars will see the most amount of technological change in the next few years

Ever wondered, what will be our world like in 2025?

In next seven or eight years, we will be witnessing some dramatic changes around us, mostly in the field of technology, because we live in such times that technical revolutions happen every day.

And the greatest impact of this will be on cars. There will be lot more autonomous cars on the roads in next 10 years then we have ever predicted.

Get Off Road has designed an infographic showing the growth of autonomous car market which we have also republished below.

In this infographic, you will discover some important facts about autonomous cars including:

  • the history of autonomous cars;
  • challenges tackled by engineers while manufacturing;
  • the design of a car; and
  • the predicted figures of the market.

The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market

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