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Cyber-physical systems and manufacturing’s new frontier

The real world and its digital twin are collaborating to bring forth something called “mass customisation”, a new manufacturing culture which, as the term suggests, will be the basis for the most diverse ecosystem of engineered products ever seen. 

To understand and articulate some specifics about what’s being called “the new frontier of manufacturing”, one of the world’s largest management consultancy firms, Deloitte, partnered with the Singularity University, a forum for technology futurists co-founded by Ray Kurzweil, to organise a conference called Exponential Manufacturing, featuring many thought leaders working in the industrial sector. 

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The future of work: Generation Z against the Machine

kuka writing robot

Stephen Parker, CEO of digital engagement specialist Parker Software, explains how businesses can use technology to enhance jobs rather than replace them

There is a persistent myth that the rise of automation, robotics and software is a recipe for disaster. Many people worry that technological innovation will lead to the demise of human jobs, otherwise known as structural unemployment.

These claims are dangerous for “generation Z”, creating an uneasy atmosphere of automation anxiety and paranoia over job security.

Many of us have heard about the idea of automation anxiety, which is the fear that robotics and software will one day come to replace humans in the workforce. 

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‘Chinese companies lead the way in fintech innovation’


China-based investment expert Edward Tse, CEO of Gao Feng, says financial technology companies are thriving in China 

With the Chinese government keen to encourage innovation the fintech revolution is quickly gaining pace. Financial technologies companies backed by Chinese venture capital raised $2.4 billion in the first quarter of 2016, according to accounting firm KPMG.

This represented a 49 per cent share of global fintech investment in the period, bigger than that of North America and Europe combined.

Ant Financial Services Group, Alibaba Group Holding’s fintech affiliate, itself raised $4.5 billion in April, making it the largest round of funding for a fintech company in the world. 

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Accenture makes business life easier with automation


Interview with Manish Sharma, senior managing director and group operating officer, Accenture OperationsThis article is republished from the original source,

If business was easy, everyone would be doing it. Running a business is a complex and sometimes difficult thing to do.

The more experience one has, the more they can make it look easy. But no matter how experienced you are, and how much you can “routinise” your workload by yourself, a robot and software could probably do those things better.

That might sound disheartening for some, but for others, it provides an opportunity to become more productive, and in ways that are more creative and rewarding.

Here, we speak to Manish Sharma, senior managing director and group operating officer, Accenture Operations, about how the company itself uses automation to streamline its processes. 

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Automation fails without aligning materials support function with demand, says Synchrono


By Thomas R. Cutler

Robot-to-person solutions are on a rapid trajectory for 2017 and beyond. Yet discrete manufacturing organizations which initiate material replenishment automation programs without properly analyzing processes and priorities for internal and external stakeholders, find far less value than anticipated.

Manufacturers are unsure about current replenishment capabilities within ERP (enterprise resource planning) and other systems, and are even less clear whether to fix, buy, or build a solution to gain the capabilities needed.

Too often disruptions in leadership and a change-averse environment can create barriers to improved production flow and automating processes.

The manufacturing sector is well-served when considering whether a replenishment solution can enhance flow and enable continuous improvements; often best practice robotic solutions follow. 

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Does anyone care to understand robotic process automation?

robotic process automation 1

New research from Redwood Software and Shared Services Link reveals that limited understanding is hindering the potential of the robotic process automation 

Robotics and automation specialist Redwood Software has  launched new research in association with Shared Services Link, the online community for finance, shared services and outsourcing company.

The Power of Robotics in Shared Services report surveyed over 100 shared services professionals, revealing that 67 per cent of respondents plan on using robotic process automation in the next 12 months. 

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Siemens completes gargantuan business process automation project

siemens hq

Artist’s illustration of Siemens global headquarters, located in Germany

Global industrial giant uses Syncplicity for what both companies claim is the biggest digitisation project in history 

Siemens has implemented a business process automation solution that covers 330,000 of its employees worldwide. The business process automation technology was provided by Syncplicity, which claims this is the biggest implementation of its type to date.

Syncplicity says the successful global completion of he project, known as SmartStorage, encompasses well over 150 countries around the globe and three petabytes of data in four global data centers.

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Call centre jobs threatened by smart devices and machine learning, says Xerox

call centres

Call centres are under pressure from smart devices and machine learning

Customer care – from the traditional call center to webchat to social media options – is being transformed almost daily by machine learning and smarter technology, according to a survey of 6,000 consumers by Xerox. 

In its report, The State of Customer Service, Xerox concludes that customer care is getting more personal but the leading trends emerging in 2016 indicate that smart machines may be key in driving the pursuit of individualized service.

“It’s clear that the relationships between consumers and brands will change radically over the next five years,” said Tim Joyce, chief innovation officer, Xerox Customer Care. “Customers expect a high quality of service and technology is maturing to the point where brands can efficiently meet those needs.”

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‘Less than 10 per cent of business processes will rely on paper by 2018’, say bosses


Around 90 per cent of all business processes will be paperless within the next two years, according to a new survey. And the irony is that Xerox, a name synonymous with photocopying on paper, aims to boss the digital market. 

Xerox has introduced workflow automation services as part of its managed print services offering to “lead the way to greater productivity and digital transformation”. The company is also developing robotic process automation tools throughout its portfolio to support its full line of business – including customer care centers, finance and accounting processes and the healthcare sector.

Data is the lifeblood of business today, and it’s not easy digging through it to uncover insightful, actionable intelligence. That’s one takeaway from the survey of 600 IT decision-makers in large US, Canadian and Western European organizations. The Digitization at Work report from Xerox shows the move from paper to digital processes is nearly upon us, however, many survey respondents admit they may not be ready for it. 

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