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MDA recognized by Nasa for robotic servicing of International Space Station

nasa ssl robotic spacecraft to fix satellites

Artist’s illustration of the robotic spacecraft which will float around in space, fixing satellites. Picture courtesy of SSL

MDA US Systems, a division of MDA managed by SSL, has been recognized by Nasa’s Johnson Space Center for its “outstanding support” of a robotic upgrade to the International Space Station’s power system which took place in January.

The MDA team based in Houston played a critical role in planning and validating the robotic maneuvering both before and during the mission.

Nasa JSC ground controllers used the 15-degrees-of-freedom Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator (Dextre) arm to install six new 430-pound lithium-ion batteries in two power channel integrated electronics assembly pallets.

Dextre first removed 12 older and depleted 740-pound nickel-hydrogen batteries from the pallets, nine of which were put on the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle’s external pallet to burn up on re-entry with it. 

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Nasa’s outer space additive manufacturing facility targets alien market

3d printing in space

Nasa wants to 3D print spacecraft using additive manufacturing techniques

Just when you thought things could not get any crazier, Nasa has set up an additive manufacturing plant in space that could take 3D printing orders from aliens 

Nasa’s advanced manufacturing system has been installed on the International Space Station and is said to be attracting considerable interest from unknown beings across the cosmos. 

Originally intended as an emergency tool shop for the ISS crew, the zero-gravity 3D printing facility is now being made available to extraterrestrial customers across the universe.

While Nasa is still waiting for its first alien customers, Earthlings are taking a strong interest in the system created by a company called Made In Space

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Telesat awards SSL contract to build Ka-band satellite for global LEO constellation

Space Systems Loral has been awarded a contract from Telesat, one of the world’s top satellite operators, for a prototype Ka-band satellite that Telesat expects to launch into Low Earth Orbit next year as part of the test and demonstration phase for a global constellation that Telesat is now designing. 

“The prototype spacecraft we are providing to Telesat demonstrates the versatility of our LEO capability,” says John Celli, president of SSL.

“Our focus on low cost production has enabled SSL to win a growing range of satellite contracts. Telesat is a long term SSL customer and we look forward to supporting them in their test and demonstration phase.” 

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SSL to build low earth orbit satellite for new customer

ssl picture

Space Systems Loral, a provider of commercial satellites, has been awarded a contract to provide a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite to an undisclosed customer.

In addition to building the satellite, SSL will also provide the launch and will operate the satellite on orbit.

“Our production of innovative small satellites is growing in both size and diversity,” said John Celli, president of SSL.

SSL’s manufacturing facility for small satellite production provides lower cost and faster production time than has been typical for satellite manufacturing in the past. With this contract award SSL now has 21 LEO satellites under construction.

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