Video: Dassault Systèmes to launch integrated new platform for 3D printing

Dassault Systèmes is planning to launch an integrated 3D printing platform in the next few months, according to a senior executive at the company. 

In an interview with, Philippe Bartissol, vice president, industrial equipment industry, Dassault Systèmes, says the the initiative will be announced in the next two months.

The initiative will “address the complete ecosystem of 3D printing”, says Bartissol, adding: “It will not be only one customer using our platform extensively.

“It will be several players from several fields jointly working on one platform, with payment possibilities and delivery possibilities as well.” 

dassault CATIA

Dassault is the second-largest software company in Europe. Its applications are used in the design and production of cars, aeroplanes, and industrial machinery; as well as, increasingly, fashion items and property interiors.

“Industrial equipment is the second industry for Dassault Systémes in terms of revenue,” says Bartissol.

In the interview (video above), Bartissol provides an insight into Dassault’s possibly-unique integrated data platform, on which different applications run, as well as some of the interesting new technologies the companies is having to consider, such as 3D printing and virtual and augmented reality.

The company has many different 3D design and production applications – including Catia and Delmia – for many different business sectors, but a few years ago, it decided to integrate them all into one platform, so they could share data, which enables seamless search and other functions.

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