Preview of Hannover Messe coverage

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With an event the size of Hannover Messe, it’s difficult to know what to cover and what we are inevitably going to have to leave for another time. 

Of course, if had the necessary resources, we would cover everything, but choices have to be made and only the most relevant stories will be included for now, as well as some random things because what’s life without a little randomness?

We may gradually get round to publishing something about everything, but that will take time. For now, below is a list of the companies we plan to visit and hope to produce some content about. 

Tetra Pak

Who would have thought that learning a type of origami would lead to many billion-dollar fortunes?

As far as we know, 99 per cent of the world’s milk is contained within packaging made by Tetra Pak. That could be an exaggeration, of course, and we will check it out.

But certainly Tetra Pak is one of the world’s leading packaging a processing companies.


It’s quite possible that Huawei will end up being a bigger smartphone manufacturer than Apple and Samsung put together.

It’s to imagine now, since Huawei has only recently entered the smartphone market. But the Chinese company has expanded its operations in India, and the most populous nation on Earth plus the second-most populous nation on Earth adds up to one gigantic market.

Already a massive supplier of components, Huawei may benefit from being an early mover in Asia and design its brand may well grow from there.

GE Digital

General Electric used to be a company you could understand – the name says all you need to know.

But the digital world is transforming the old company and taking it in new directions, and now GE Digital is one of its most dynamic and most profitable business units.


Having conquered the personal and business computing world at a time when the world was first being computerised in a big way, you’d think there’s not much left for Microsoft to do.

Already a tech giant, it could just sit back and enjoy the fruits of its labours.

But no, the company seems to be interested in industry as well, and has developed numerous technologies for manufacturing, among other sectors.

And again it’s finds itself at a crucial stage in the global economy, just when industry is going from being all about heavy machinery to becoming more about computerised information about that heavy machinery.

SPX Flow

Poland is this year’s official partner country at Hannover Messe, and its leaders will join German leader, Angela Merkel, in formally opening the event and taking the traditional walkabouts.

SPX Flow is one of the most successful manufacturing companies in Poland and has developed a range of technologies that would suggest it has a big future in Europe and beyond.


A company which seems to specialise in digitalisation, Atos is up against some very powerful competition, such as GE Digital.

But the way things are now, with everyone moving to the digital world, there’s probably a lot of room for large companies like Atos, GE Digital and many others.


A company of particular interest to since it manufactures almost everything an industrial company needs – from power generators right down to robots

In fact, when you think about it, ABB produces everything an industrialised country needs, so, it could actually create an industrial nation from scratch in a very short time.

Parker Hannifin

Providing the muscle to move industrial machinery, Parker Hannifin is known for its hydraulics, hydraulics and filtration products, among others.

Celebrating its centenary this year, the company is another one of those which is becoming more interested in the digital world.


Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is already a huge market, even though most people think it’s still got a long way to go.

New materials are being developed for the process all the time and the machines to deal with the, are also being innovated constantly.

EOS is one of those companies right in the thick of it, as it were, and supplies systems which can produce parts straight from CAD files.

Dassault Systemes 

Speaking of CAD files, when you want to design and build serious kit such as an aeroplane, or even a spacecraft, chances are you’ll turn to Dassault Systemes.

The company has a huge range of computer-aided design software, which it has specialised for specific sectors and extended to include product lifecycle management features.

All the big original equipment manufacturers use Dassault Systemes’ software, so it’s virtually impossible to avoid them.


In our opinion, this is probably one of the most interesting companies at Hannover Messe because we have this sneaky suspicion that it’s far more clever than most other companies.

Bosch is already one of the world’s leading suppliers of motor vehicle components and systems, but what’s even more interesting is its development of technologies for the future.

These include autonomous car systems, artificial intelligence systems, robots of various kinds and other things which we think will make what is already a huge company even huger, if that’s a word.


Some companies are overly patriotic, and Siemens probably could be counted in that category. It will probably replace its own logo with the German glad for the Hannover Messe but that is pure speculation on our part.

Certainly it’s usually the biggest exhibitor and takes up most of the venue, although that might be a slight exaggeration. But if there was another bigger exhibitor, we’re willing to wager that Siemens will construct an entirely new building to create more exhibition space for itself so it once again becomes the biggest exhibitor.

But that’s just idle speculation on our part.


Famous for its Ferrari red industrial robots, Italian company Comau is one of the leading industrial automation companies in the world.

Already a top industrial robot manufacturer, the company has recently also become interested in digitalisation and has established a new business unit to develop that part of its offering.

And, like many other industrial robot manufacturers, Comau has also extended its range to include collaborative robots.


Perhaps the most active industrial robot manufacturer of the past 12 months, Kuka is of course Germany’s top robot maker.

The company is in the process of merging it being taken over by gigantic Chinese home applianc maker a Midea, which will only serve to make Kuka even more influential in the industrial automation market.

Sag Solar

One of the quirky things about is that we like to turn our attention to subjects which our name does not include.

But we don’t see how robotics and automation systems can operate without electricity. Correct us if we are wrong on this, since none of us are scientists.

And it’s not just about what powers the factories and robots. We believe, like many people, that in the not-too-distant future, more electric cars will be made than petrol cars.

One can’t imagine that a company like Apple, or Google, which claim to be entirely run on green energy, would ever launch a car driven by petrol. And the billions of entranced people who buy their massively expensive products are probably going to be bamboozled by their environmentally friendly ideas as well.

Generally speaking…

We’re very excited to be covering Hannover Messe, and as mentioned earlier, we will try and bring you all the news we can, prioritising what we believe to be the most important. Or the easiest to cover, depending on our energy levels and the available opportunities.

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