Awesome infographic: Autonomous car market to reach $77 billion in 2025

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Get Off Road claims cars will see the most amount of technological change in the next few years

Ever wondered, what will be our world like in 2025?

In next seven or eight years, we will be witnessing some dramatic changes around us, mostly in the field of technology, because we live in such times that technical revolutions happen every day.

And the greatest impact of this will be on cars. There will be lot more autonomous cars on the roads in next 10 years then we have ever predicted.

Get Off Road has designed an infographic showing the growth of autonomous car market which we have also republished below.

In this infographic, you will discover some important facts about autonomous cars including:

  • the history of autonomous cars;
  • challenges tackled by engineers while manufacturing;
  • the design of a car; and
  • the predicted figures of the market.

The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market

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