TMEIC to supply Virginia port with world’s largest automated cranes system in deal worth $670 million

port of virginia

Port of Virgina. Picture courtesy

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation has been selected to provide industrial drive and automation solutions for The Port of Virginia’s historic expansion project, totaling 86 Konecranes Automated-Stacking Cranes (ASC) at the Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) and Virginia International Gateway (VIG) facilities.

This is the largest ASC order TMEIC has received to date and the largest single ASC order ever placed by a port.

“TMEIC has been a longtime, proven partner with Konecranes and The Port of Virginia, including the construction of VIG and the original ASC implementation there in 2007,” TMEIC president and CEO Dale Guidry said. 

“Although TMEIC provides solutions around the world, it is particularly exciting to supply a project of this magnitude in the Commonwealth, only hours from our US headquarters.”

In the announcement from the Virginia Port Authority, Governor Terry McAuliffe said: “This project will create jobs and economic spin-off. One of the first beneficiaries of that will be TMEIC, which is a growing company that, with Konecranes, has a global demand for its services: it will be good for TMEIC and it will be good for Virginia.”

In addition to supplying 860 TMEIC-manufactured TMdrive-10e2 industrial drives, the automation package for the project will incorporate TMEIC’s state of the art laser-based Maxview and Maxspeed control systems, providing fully automated solutions for high speed movement and placement of both 20 and 40 foot containers.

Procurement will proceed on two contracts of 60 and 26 ASCs for NIT and VIG, respectively. Upon completion, capacity at VIG will expand by 600,000 units and capacity at NIT by 400,000 units.

The combined cost of the projects is $670 million.

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