Integro Technologies wins Universal Robots deal


Integro Technologies has been selected as a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots

Integro is a machine vision integrator based in Salisbury, North Carolina. Universal Robots is a pioneer in collaborative robotics worldwide.

Through industrial leadership the two companies say they have established a new sector in the market and lowered the implementation costs associated with traditional robotic safety requirements, vision guided robotic pick-n-place, and multi-point inspection applications. 

Brian Dillman, eastern region area sales manager, Universal Robots, says: “Integro Technologies is a well-known national leader within the machine vision integration industry.

“They have already successfully built and deployed several applications integrating vision guidance and inspection with Universal Robots.

“This new partnership will help accelerate these capabilities in all industrial areas of the marketplace.”

Shawn Campion, president and CEO of Integro Technologies, says: “We are excited to continue building on our Universal Robotics VGR and VGI installation base in North America, and assist manufacturers to compete and excel in the international market.”

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