Industrial Internet: Ubisense launches new tracking solution for logistics

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Ubisense has released a new version of its “precision zone tracking product”, AngleID, with a range of additional features including the ability to network multiple readers.

These updates increase the area that can be covered to whole buildings and enable even more sophisticated zones to be created.

AngleID was launched in May to offer real-time precision zone tracking, offering a completely new product that sits between passive RFID proximity tracking and real-time location systems (RTLS) exact location tracking. 

Easy to configure, with installation taking less than 10 minutes, AngleID detects tagged assets or people in up to eight simple-to-define location zones, even in highly-metallic industrial environments and at a range of 150ft.

This new product release enables users to network multiple readers and any three readers can work together to define a zone, enabling a more flexible definition of target zones. It also offers a more robust operation in environments where obstructions might prevent consistent object detection by a single reader.

AngleID solves many of the problems that a proximity tracking product cannot help with, but without the high infrastructure requirements of an RTLS system.

For example, AngleID can be used to identify when certain assets or people are present in a work zone, to ensure that safety-critical processes only occur when appropriate equipment and personnel are in the correct place.

Andy Ward, CTO at Ubisense, says: “The beauty of AngleID is in its simplicity and it is therefore accessible to any business needing to track assets in a specific location. AngleID v1.1 offers an even wider range of uses through its ability to network multiple readers.

“This technology opens up new opportunities for customers across a range of sectors from logistics and manufacturing to healthcare and retail, and fills a gap in the market between passive RFID and full-scale real-time location systems (RTLS).”

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