rs components testo_760-3

RS Components adds Testo testers to testing range

rs components testo_760-3

RS Components is extending its portfolio of high-quality electrical test and measurement devices with five innovative product ranges from Testo.

The devices offer measurement capabilities for a diverse variety of electrical systems and appliances, including for use by electrical installation contractors and engineers working in HVAC design and maintenance.

The Testo 760 is the industry’s first automatic digital multimeter range and provides functionality for all electrical measuring tasks, including function keys that replace the traditional dial for easier operation and greater reliability. 

Measurement parameters are detected automatically via the assignment of measuring sockets, therefore it is impossible to make incorrect settings.

Three models are available:

  • the standard Testo 760-1, which covers most daily measuring tasks;
  • the Testo 760-2 offering TRMS measurement, an extended current range from microamp up to 10A, and a low-pass filter, which allows technicians to take accurate voltage readings at variable frequency drives; and
  • the high-specification 760-3, which has additional features including voltage up to 1000V and higher ranges for frequency and capacitance.